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The Rise of Northern Mountain View

The DeLeon Insight – March 2016 Alex Seroff, Esq., Listing Specialist North Whisman, Rex Manor, and Stierlin Estates are Mountain View neighborhoods that might not be familiar names to many, but that is about to change. These neighborhoods, originally made up primarily of small 1950s and 1960s homes, condos, and tilt-up office buildings, are seeing […]

Real Property Tax Breaks under the Williamson Act

DeLeon Insight – January 1, 2016 Michael Repka Esq., DeLeon Realty CEO, LLM (Taxation) For most California homeowners, their annual property tax is based on one percent of the amount they paid for the property, and increased by up to two percent per year. Additionally, they pay for debt service on bonds issued to benefit the property, provided that this amount does not […]

A Study in Appreciation: Palo Alto’s High-End Neighborhoods

DeLeon Insight – January 1, 2016 Ken DeLeon, Esq., DeLeon Realty Founder While a rising tide may lift all boats, not all boats are suitable for a long-term voyage. Over the past few years Silicon Valley has enjoyed a rapidly appreciating real estate market. However, the ease at which some have made money in real estate may have made them complacent in what […]

Common Staging Mistakes and How to Fix Them

DeLeon Insight – January 1, 2016 Margie Fontanilla, DeLeon Design Coordinator    A well-staged home shows better and has a better chance of selling faster than an unstaged home. Many buyers have difficulty seeing beyond the room in front of them, so you cannot rely on their imaginations to help them grasp the best features of your home. To successfully stage your […]

In San Francisco’s Bidding Wars, Home Prices Go Ballistic – In the San Francisco Bay Area, selling a house is easy. The trick is getting $100,000 or more over the asking price

WSJ: In San Francisco’s Bidding Wars, Home Prices Go Ballistic –  August 27, 2015 In San Francisco’s Bidding Wars, Home Prices Go Ballistic In the San Francisco Bay Area’s hot real-estate market, the question for many sellers isn’t whether they’ll get an offer. It’s how much over the asking price the offer will be. “It’s easy […]

Ken DeLeon: Silicon Valley’s real estate rock star

San Jose Mercury News –  June 12, 2015 http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_28303598/ken-deleon-silicon-valleys-real-estate-rock-star LOS ALTOS — Ken DeLeon parks his Rolls-Royce outside the Georgian-style mini-mansion that he anticipates selling for a whole lot more than its $5.49 million asking price. It’s his latest listing. Inside, a tour for fellow real estate agents is in progress. There’s an expensive catered spread […]

Ken DeLeon — Come for the real estate, stay for the slick dance moves

Birthplace: Fort Lauderdale, Florida Residence: Palo Alto Age: 42 Family: Married, four children Education: Math and economics, U.C. Santa Barbara; U.C. Berkeley School of Law Career trajectory: Wilson Sonsini, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, DeLeon Realty If you’ve picked up a Palo Alto-area newspaper, chances are you know of Realtor Ken DeLeon. Two other places you […]