Infographic: How Brokerages Handle In-House Deals

Going forward, DeLeon Realty will not take commission from both sides of the same transaction. If any DeLeon Realty agent represents a buyer on any DeLeon Realty listing, then we will waive 100 percent of the buyer-side commission.*

This policy does not merely apply to agents representing buyers on their own listings, which we still prohibit. Rather, it is companywide and applies to any offer submitted by any DeLeon Realty agent on any DeLeon Realty listing.

Consequently, sellers will pay less to sell their homes, and the buyer’s offer will be more compelling. This will apply company-wide.

DeLeon Realty is known for offering the best marketing and the most comprehensive suite of services in real estate. Now, we are setting the new ethical ideal for the industry. Clients will be comforted by the knowledge that the listing agent’s compensation is not being received from both sides.