SFGate: Want to live like royalty in Silicon Valley? Here’s a castle on the market for $9 million

By Amy Graff, SFGATE (Source)

Stretched across a Saratoga hillside, an out-of-the-ordinary home on the market for $9 million looks like a miniature version of England’s Windsor castle. The yellowish-tan stones carefully forming the exterior resemble those on the 11th century royal residence built after the Norman invasion of England by William the Conquerer. There’s a turret and crenellations on the battlements.

When you walk through the door of 21449 Toll Gate Road, the castle theme continues. You’re greeted by a suit in armor in the foyer and 20-foot-high soaring ceilings, gothic windows and grand fireplace and rich mahogany in the living room. A formal dining room is fit for a king and queen with stained-glass ceilings and a carved Honduras mahogany frieze.

It doesn’t feel campy,” says listing agent Michael Repka of DeLeon Realty. “It doesn’t feel at all like an attraction at Epcot. Everything is done authentically and tastefully.”

The home has seven bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms spread across 7,100 square feet—most of it with sweeping views. You look out over Silicon Valley’s millions of twinkling lights to the east and wooded hillsides to the west.
Mixed in with the castle design are modern amenities such as a gourmet kitchen and four-car garage. The surrounding gardens are lush and landscaped and there’s a 50-foot swimming pool.

Who might buy into this noble lifestyle?

Repka imagines his buyer will either come from abroad or be someone local who has made a lot of money in tech.
“This is for someone looking for a home that’s completely unique to them,” Repka said. “Silicon Valley mansions are a dime a dozen, but something like this is truly different.”


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