DeLeon’s Difference – How Content Localization is an Advantage in the Industry

By Michelle Lee

As a Palo Alto native, I can tell you where to find the best taco truck or debate about the best item on the In-N-Out secret menu. Driving down Middlefield Road or University Avenue, I can point out the street that I learned to ride my bike on and the corner where I had my first kiss. This area is as sacred and personal to me as you can imagine. That’s why I jumped at the chance to join DeLeon Realty earlier this month as their new copywriter; not only to be a part of the exceptional team here that’s disrupting the real estate industry as a whole, but to also bring along and share my personal expertise of the area.

Prior to DeLeon, I got my feet wet in the home design and real estate industries by spending a year at Houzz and writing directly for Coldwell Banker’s online corporate blog. Working in content marketing, I covered topics ranging from how to choose the right wallpaper to a modern minimalist’s guide to home décor. While this might be an excellent approach for an established nationwide firm with a wide-ranging reader base, it can occasionally feel like impersonal canned content for highly-specific demographics.

In contrast, DeLeon Realty’s marketing collateral is extremely precision-focused. With a dedicated Silicon Valley newsletter, you can read up on how to target millennial home buyers versus seasoned angel investors, or get an in-depth analysis about Palo Alto or Mountain View’s specific market trends.

This needle-point specificity is just one way that DeLeon sets itself apart from traditional real estate companies, such as Coldwell Banker and Sotheby’s, that sell franchises nationwide. The new money, highly gentrified, and densely-packed market you see here is unlike any other, even when compared to East Bay locations or sprawling San Francisco, not to mention other cities across the country. Where you might pay three or four million dollars for a couple thousand square feet in Silicon Valley, a similar home would likely be worth no more than half a million dollars in many other parts of the U.S. Yet people continue to flock here for the world-class education and jobs, where nearly every city is home to at least one booming high-tech giant and innovative new startups are popping up faster than you can keep track of. Irrespective of your personal opinion of the area, you can’t deny that it’s a remarkable place for real estate, but then again, you probably already know that.

On my first day here, I could immediately sense and was impressed by how highly in-tune everyone is to this specific market. On the listing side, Michael and Alex can tell you why two nearly identical homes close to one another have a massive price discrepancy based on the Caltrain location or school cutoff zones, and designers can brief you on Eichler homes or famous local builders in a matter of minutes.

This extreme laser-focused attention to and analysis of the market is one of the major factors to our unparalleled success. We all bring a rare in-depth level of expertise in our specialized fields, from distinguished lawyers comprising our executive team to fantastic designers that can turn your dusty old garage into a stunning studio space in a mere matter of hours. When our entire world is within a 10-mile radius, we can address local issues and personally relate to our clientele by discussing city-specific problems, such as how Menlo Park real estate is changing as Facebook expands, or what areas might be affected by a possible Caltrain expansion. Ask us about that Sunnyvale home that broke the MLS record earlier this year for the highest price per square foot sold and we’ll tell you how LinkedIn HQ’s move there and Apple’s nearby Infinity Loop campus contributed greatly.

Translating directly into marketing material, we can bypass the rudimentary content about best design practices and jump straight into precise market trends and community analyses of Los Altos and Menlo Park, for example. We invest more than five times anyone else does into our marketing efforts to provide custom-built webpages, interactive online 3D tours, and high-quality photography, videography, and TV commercials. We will compulsively track key web traffic metrics and tell you how best to market to a recent Stanford Law graduate or an affluent Silicon Valley VC.

Together, the DeLeon Team works as a cohesive group on every property to sell it faster and for a higher price than you could even imagine, treating listings with the same level of obsessive care and detail as if it were our own. I can give you my personal promise as a devoted Bay Area resident that we will deliver on our nationally acclaimed reputation on every single one of our listings and surpass your highest expectations.