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Mountain View New School, New Boundaries, and a Growing City

By Alex Seroff | Vice President of Listings In another sign of increasing investment by both builders and the government into the northeastern neighborhoods of Mountain View, the Mountain View-Whisman School District has decided to reopen Slater Elementary School, citing a multitude of reasons. Faced with the changing needs of a city on the precipice of […]

Low-Inventory Markets

By Alex Seroff | Vice President of Listings Whether the reasons sellers choose to list their homes now are voluntary or involuntary, they will benefit from the current lack of inventory in the housing market. Inventory has consistently dropped in Silicon Valley as a result of many factors, most notably because of the increased demand resulting […]

Consider Cashing Out Now

By Alex Seroff | Realtor®, Attorney, Listing Specialist “If only we had a crystal ball” or some similar expression often makes its way into conversations with homeowners who are considering selling their properties. In the hot seller’s market that is Silicon Valley, homeowners have seen high levels of appreciation in the value of their properties […]

Beyond Simple Seasonality

By Alex Seroff, ESQ. | Listing Specialist With local real estate being one of the favorite topics of conversation in Silicon Valley, it is no surprise that sellers are well aware of the seasonality of the market and optimal timing. However, when working with sellers to determine the listing date for their home, DeLeon Realty […]

The Hidden Pitfalls to Reverse Mortgages

Alex Seroff, ESQ., Listing Specialist – March 9, 2017 Maybe your friend just booked a month-long cruise. Perhaps you want to help your favorite grandson pay for law school. Or, maybe you just want to eat out on University Avenue every day. If you have one or more of these intentions but limited monthly income and liquid […]

The Rise of Northern Mountain View

The DeLeon Insight – March 2016 Alex Seroff, Esq., Listing Specialist North Whisman, Rex Manor, and Stierlin Estates are Mountain View neighborhoods that might not be familiar names to many, but that is about to change. These neighborhoods, originally made up primarily of small 1950s and 1960s homes, condos, and tilt-up office buildings, are seeing […]

Risk Taken By Buyers Investing in the Willows Has Paid Off

Much like “Risk,” the famous board game and source of intense family discord, purchasing real estate always involves the investment of limited resources – armies in “Risk,”equate to personal savings in real estate. In addition, people must decide into which defined territory they wish to make their investment. Outside of board games, those territories are […]

Grand Boulevard Initiative

El Camino Real has a deep history of change in California, and it’s about to change again. Stretching back farther than the establishment of the State of California, El Camino was originally named “The Royal Road” by the Missionaries who used the route as a connection between their 21 Franciscan missions. Since then, the route […]

Tree Restrictions Differ Among Peninsula Cities

By Alex Seroff, ESQ. | Listing Specialist Many buyers have now purchased their new homes in the prime spring buying season. Some have bought outdated homes or tear-downs and are ready to get started with construction plans. Others have bought homes that are move-in ready but want to change their landscaping to best utilize the yard […]