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Cash is Still King

By Darrell Martin, Senior Buyer Specialist Many times over the past year, I have learned that the winning offer for a home was an all-cash offer. Fortunately, some of those winning offers were made by buyers I had the good fortune to represent. After another one of my buyers’ all-cash offers was recently accepted in […]

Appreciation Rate Comparisons Show Surprising Results

By Darrell Martin | Realtor®, Buyer Specialist for Sunnyvale & Mountain View A common and understandable perception regarding appreciation rates is that single-family residences appreciate at a higher rate than condos and townhomes. Based on the appreciation rates for the past 17 years (2000-2017), this has been the case for many cities in the Bay […]

Apple’s New Campus and its Anticipated Effect on Home Prices

By Darrell Martin | Realtor®, Buyer Specialist for Sunnyvale & Mountain View The new Apple “Spaceship” campus in Cupertino, now officially known as Apple Park, is nearing completion and warrants some well-deserved recognition. The concept of this campus was first presented to the Cupertino City Council by Steve Jobs in 2006 and again in 2011 […]

Move-Up Buyers

By Darrell Martin | Realtor®, Mountain View, Sunnyvale Buyer Specialist Many homeowners have owned their current home for a while and would like to “move up” to a larger, nicer, or more conveniently located home, but they may not be familiar with how to orchestrate that move. The two primary concerns associated with moving up […]

Homeownership for Millennials

By Darrell Martin | Senior Buyer Specialist – Sunnyvale & Mountain View This article is written for the benefit of those Silicon Valley millennials who have not yet purchased their first home. Would you like to transform your housing cost from a monthly expense into a monthly investment? Buying your own home can do just that. […]