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Renovation & Re-Sale

By Jillian Mrsny | Interior Designer There is a fine line between creating a trendy home renovation and a lasting home upgrade. Using trendy materials and designs in your next upgrade can be appealing ways to bring your home into the current century. However, it can also be the downfall in creating an upgrade with […]

Elevate Your Landscaping

During the winter, many of our yards become areas we would rather avoid than enjoy. The once-green lawn that was dried out from the drought probably now looks more like a mud puddle than lush grass. Sometimes we lose plants during the winter from the cold weather or our own lack of a green thumb. […]

Update Your Bath on a Budget

All homes have their imperfections and quirks. We often put up with a dark, dingy powder room or a hall bath with its yellow tub and sink because we love the rest of the house. It has been on your to-do list long enough! Now that you are ready to get started on creating a […]

What Makes A Home Sustainable?

Sustainability is a term that is broadly used to describe materials and products that meet our current needs without negatively affecting the environment for future generations. If you are looking to add sustainable value to your home, we have a few helpful tips for you in planning your next renovation. An old bathroom can be […]