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Are Accessory Dwelling Units a Partial Solution to Silicon Valley’s Housing Crisis?

By Ken DeLeon, Esq There are no easy solutions to the Bay Area housing shortage that has caused our high home prices and long commutes. Facing pressure from both state regulators demanding more housing construction and due to requests from its citizens, several Silicon Valley cities have eased the restrictions on building an accessory dwelling […]

Has Silicon Valley and SF eclipsed NYC as America’s Top Region?

by Ken DeLeon “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” This line from Frank Sinatra’s aspirational “New York, New York” reflects the long-held belief that New York is the epicenter of American commerce and progress. Yet, as technology pervades more industries and becomes the ubiquitous driving force of innovation and wealth creation, […]

Predicting the Next Hot City

by Ken DeLeon | Founder While a rising tide will lift all boats, in real estate these boats (or neighborhoods) will not all rise at the same velocity. Though there are some mega-trends driving the housing market in Silicon Valley, there are also micro-trends and dynamics that come into play with the cities relative to […]

2017: Year in Review

By Ken DeLeon, ESQ. and Michael Repka, ESQ. It started off with the area—and the nation as a whole—adjusting to the notion of a Trump presidency. During the latter half of 2016, the market was quite lethargic as voters remained cautious due to the uncertainty of the election. Generally, many buyers sat on the sidelines […]

Best of Both Worlds

By Ken DeLeon | Founder When Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods Market recently made headlines, I was reminded of my desire for a combination of the quality of Whole Foods with the pricing of Trader Joe’s. That wish may be granted due to the aforementioned acquisition. However, this desire for the best products at affordable […]