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The Angle of Evolution: Responding to Life’s Ups and Downs

By Ken DeLeon My father was a brilliant professor and chairman of his mathematics department. He was a man of few words but highly articulate – when he spoke, people listened. In a discussion, it always seemed like he was calculating the best and most concise response as if he was solving a math equation. […]

Embracing Your Life Purpose

By Ken DeLeon While I generally author real estate articles in the DeLeon Insight, this time I want to mention an amazingscientific study that unveils a new blueprint for enhanced living and explains how the right mindset and a sense of purpose result in a longer, more fulfilling life. An excellent article recently published by […]

Are Accessory Dwelling Units a Partial Solution to Silicon Valley’s Housing Crisis?

By Ken DeLeon, Esq There are no easy solutions to the Bay Area housing shortage that has caused our high home prices and long commutes. Facing pressure from both state regulators demanding more housing construction and due to requests from its citizens, several Silicon Valley cities have eased the restrictions on building an accessory dwelling […]

Has Silicon Valley and SF eclipsed NYC as America’s Top Region?

by Ken DeLeon “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” This line from Frank Sinatra’s aspirational “New York, New York” reflects the long-held belief that New York is the epicenter of American commerce and progress. Yet, as technology pervades more industries and becomes the ubiquitous driving force of innovation and wealth creation, […]