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Neighborhood Spotlight: The Circus Club Area of Atherton

Three words describe the posh Circus Club neighborhood of Atherton: exclusive, impressive, and luxurious. Historically, this neighborhood was a 600-acre private ranch of moneyed Massachusetts businessman, Faxon Dean Atherton. It has since grown into one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the country. Where Mr. Atherton’s home was once situated is now the Menlo Circus Club, a private country club for wealthy equestrian aficionados and socialites. […]

Supply-Side Economics in Action: How the lack of housing supply will prevent price declines in Bay Area housing

After seeing recent volatility and declines in the stock market, some are questioning whether a seven-year cycle of appreciation in Silicon Valley housing is ending and whether we are headed into a period of depreciation. These arguments have focused on the potential decline in demand as tech companies experience less growth, and even some layoffs, […]

A Study in Appreciation: Palo Alto’s High-End Neighborhoods

DeLeon Insight – January 1, 2016 Ken DeLeon, Esq., DeLeon Realty Founder While a rising tide may lift all boats, not all boats are suitable for a long-term voyage. Over the past few years Silicon Valley has enjoyed a rapidly appreciating real estate market. However, the ease at which some have made money in real estate may have made them complacent in what […]

The Magic of the DeLeon Business Model—the Buyer’s Side

Silicon Valley thrives by disrupting and improving inefficient industries, and it has created many game-changing business models along the way. Yet in the epicenter of the world’s innovation, the practice of purchasing real estate had remained relatively unchanged since the Gold Rush days. DeLeon Realty was founded with the principles of optimizing real estate from […]

Neighborhood Spotlight – Los Altos Hills

The hills are alive with the sound of music, as well as multiple offers! After years of relatively slow growth lagging behind the communities in the flats, the affluent hillside communities of Portola Valley, Los Altos Hills, and Woodside have rebounded strongly in the last year and are now attractive to many buyers who appreciate […]

Neighborhood Spotlight — Old Palo Alto

Unquestionably one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Silicon Valley, Old Palo Alto has a unique blend of spectacular architecture, large parcels, great public schools, and a central location that has made the neighborhood highly desirable to multiple generations of Silicon Valley’s most successful families. However, this area also feels like a sort of “New […]