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Exclusive Photography

By Anthony Halawa DeLeon Realty breaks the business mold, yet again, by employing staff photographers. Lead photographer Anthony Halawa brings a unique blend of talent and experience to his role. A strong visual aesthetic, Fine Arts Degree, and experience in motion pictures all inform and fuel Anthony’s passion for visual storytelling. He has the ability […]

Resolving Real Estate Disputes

By Michael Repka, Esq. After obtaining my first law degree back in 1999, I took and passed the New York and New Jersey bar exams. In both states, real estate agents help clients buy and sell real estate, but they do not delve into all of the legal, tax, and contractor questions that comprise an […]

The Chinese Trade War’s Impact on Silicon Valley Real Estate

By Audrey Sun Currently there is a lot of concern and consternation about the potential looming trade war with China. While there have been numerous scholarly articles addressing the current geo-political environment, this article will focus on the likely impact of trade negotiations with China on the Silicon Valley real estate market. Overview of Trade […]