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How to FENG SHUI your home

In Palo Alto and the surrounding areas in Silicon Valley, a significant and growing portion of the buyers are Asian, most notably Chinese. For many Chinese buyers, a house needs to have good Feng Shui before they would consider purchasing it. The most basic principle of Feng Shui is to focus on balancing the energies […]

Asian Impact on the Market

Asian cultures generally value modesty, hard work, and strong family ties. The popular conception is that most Asians work diligently and quietly. However, the loud impact of Asian buyers in Silicon Valley has been noticed. Asian buyers are dominating the housing market as they flock to Silicon Valley. The influx has uniquely impacted the Silicon […]

CNBC: Wealthy Chinese Gobbling Up Silicon Valley Homes

Wealthy Chinese Gobbling Up Silicon Valley Homes Chinese buyers are attracted to the tech industry in the Silicon Valley, buying homes with all cash transactions. Ken DeLeon, named the top real estate agent in the country by the Wall Street Journal, has sold so many homes to Chinese buyers, his business invested in a Mercedes […]