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The DeLeon Insight March 2018

TAX TOPICS—DEDUCTIONS FOR PASS-THROUGH ENTITIES On December 22, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “Act”) into law. This sweeping legislation dramatically lowered corporate tax rates, encouraged multi-national companies to bring money back to the United States, generally lowered individual income tax burdens, reduced mortgage interest deductibility, and, perhaps most significantly for […]

How to Properly Market a Home’s Location

by Sarah Last, Copywriter A lofty apartment surveys glimmering lights strung along bustling streets, where comfortable chatter and easy laughter float up from popular restaurants and chic boutiques. Tree-lined sidewalks flank proud rows of houses, separated from clamor and crowds, offering quiet privacy within a connected community. Nestled among vast, rolling hillsides, a smattering of […]

Rise Foundation: Rural India Student Education

Krishnan and Geetha, founders of the RISE Foundation, are a married couple who, like many, have moved to the United States for a better life. They currently reside in Palo Alto, and have co-founded the Rural India Student Education Foundation to build an elementary school called RISE School in a rural community of southern India. […]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Crescent Park of Palo Alto

Crescent Park is one of Palo Alto’s most prestigious neighborhoods. It is bordered by Channing Avenue, Middlefield Road, Newell Road, and San Francisquito Creek. This enclave is one of the first glimpses of Palo Alto that visitors can see as they enter University Avenue from the US 101. When I first visited Palo Alto, I […]

Utilizing Technology in Marketing

by Sarah Last, Copywriter Long ago, the world seemed endless. Voyages across rolling expanses of land and sea were yearly, if not lifetime commitments reserved for the very brave, the very intelligent, and the supremely wealthy. All that was known about distant nations was provided by those who had crossed over the horizon and returned […]

Modern Design Principles

By Leah Li | Interior Designer Among all interior design styles that are currently popular, there is a clear increase in the demand for Modern interiors. Coming from a background of designing exclusively with European Modern interiors, I am a true believer of the philosophy behind Modern design. The principles of Modern design work especially […]

The DeLeon Insight January 2018

  2017: YEAR IN REVIEW By Ken DeLeon, ESQ. and Michael Repka, ESQ. It started off with the area—and the nation as a whole—adjusting to the notion of a Trump presidency. During the latter half of 2016, the market was quite lethargic as voters remained cautious due to the uncertainty of the election. Generally, many buyers sat […]