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Representing the Buyer and the Seller: Can the Practice Continue in California?

DeLeon Insight – November 2016 By Sigrid Waggener, Esq.  Although the practice of “dual representation”—representing the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction—is completely legal and widely accepted in California, it seems impossible for one real estate agent to zealously represent the disparate interests of the buyer and the seller, even when the situation […]

Overview of the Right to Repair Act

  SB 800 (California Civil Code section 895 et seq.), also known as the Right to Repair Act, applies to certain construction defect claims involving new residences that were or are originally sold on or after January 1, 2003. Among other things, SB 800 sets forth (a) the performance standards for builders of such homes, […]

Surprisingly Simple Suggestions for Sellers

It is no secret that home improvements can add value to a home. While preparing dozens of home listings, we have witnessed well-prepared homes sell sooner and for more money than nearly identical homes listed concurrently. But the value is not entirely in the dollar invested or even the square footage. In fact, extensive renovations […]

Investing in a REIT

In the early 2000s, many investors jumped onto the rollercoaster of excitement known as the stock market. However, once the stock market proved too volatile and inconsistent with forecasts, investors became less confident and looked elsewhere to invest their hard-earned money. As our market evolves, millennials in particular grow more concerned about the future of […]

The Ripe Buyer’s Market of Los Altos Hills

Offering award-winning schools, large estates, and beautiful views, Los Altos Hills is widely considered one of the best places to live in Silicon Valley. This sought-after community is even approaching celebrity status: Beyoncé rented a home in Los Altos Hills when she was in town for the Super Bowl, and several top tech executives live […]

The Hidden Costs – and Opportunities – of Commuting

Commuting. Everyone detests it; in fact, people hate commuting so much that it ranks in studies as the most unpleasant common activity. Nevertheless, people remain stuck on the traffic issue, figuratively and literally, with the average American’s commute recently reaching a historic high of over 50 minutes per day. The plight of commuters is especially […]

Top 15 Reasons to Buy a Home with DeLeon Realty

1. We have the greatest expertise. Our buyer specialists work as a team to provide you with the best advice. Unlike most experienced agents who divide their attention between buyers and timeconsuming listings, our buyer specialists focus only on working with buyers. This gives them time to specialize in their territories so they can learn […]

Disclosing What You Know: Disclosure Obligations for Sellers and Agents Under California Law

California law requires sellers of residential property to make various disclosures to a prospective buyer. Specifically, among other things, sellers must deliver a statutory Transfer Disclosure Statement (the “TDS”) to the buyer prior to executing a sales contract. In turn, the TDS contains a checklist, notifying the prospective buyer of problems (or potential problems) with […]