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Sustainable Home Design

by Rebecca Lee, Design Coordinator Designing and renovating a home that is environmentally responsible as well as economical, beautiful, and fun to live in is not as difficult as some may think. “Going green” is one of the hottest trends in design today, specifically in progressive parts of the world like Silicon Valley. The idea […]

Good Fences Don’t Always Make Good Neighbors: How Strangers Can Claim An interest In Your Property

Sigrid Waggener, ESQ., Corporate Counsel – March 23, 2017 Most buyers assume that, when they purchase a property, their right to occupy and enjoy that property is exclusive. This is usually a reasonable assumption. However, there are instances when third parties (typically, adjoining landowners) can lawfully claim an interest in land owned by another. Here, we examine […]

Boost Your Home’s Efficiency

The DeLeon Insight January 2017 Issue During the warm seasons, we tend to spend so much time outside we often ne­glect simple updates that can help make our homes more efficient. Here are a few suggestions for creating an energy-effi­cient home for the new year. We tend to notice air gaps and lack of insulation […]

Representing the Buyer and the Seller: Can the Practice Continue in California?

DeLeon Insight – November 2016 By Sigrid Waggener, Esq.  Although the practice of “dual representation”—representing the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction—is completely legal and widely accepted in California, it seems impossible for one real estate agent to zealously represent the disparate interests of the buyer and the seller, even when the situation […]

Overview of the Right to Repair Act

  SB 800 (California Civil Code section 895 et seq.), also known as the Right to Repair Act, applies to certain construction defect claims involving new residences that were or are originally sold on or after January 1, 2003. Among other things, SB 800 sets forth (a) the performance standards for builders of such homes, […]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Barron Park of Palo Alto

What do two famous donkeys, Ulysses S. Grant, and David Packard all have in common? They all spent a fair amount of time in the Barron Park neighborhood of Palo Alto! For a neighborhood with no sidewalks that prides itself on being a rural oasis, Barron Park has a unique history of innovation and independence […]