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Top Design Trends for 2016

Ready to go out with the old and in with the new (trends)? A few fads with more modern twists will continue to stay trendy throughout 2016, but it is time to ditch mason jars and chalkboard paint and switch back to clean lines and fun patterns. It is the year of statement pieces and […]

Design Tech High School Relocating to Oracle’s Redwood Shores Campus

During the Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Conference, Oracle CEO Safra Catz stated, “Seventeen years ago, Larry Ellison told me that he’d love to have a school where students learn to think. Our support of d.tech [Design Tech High School] reflects Larry’s vision for a unique high school founded on principles we believe in: innovation, creativity, problemsolving, […]

Five Reasons to Be Excited About Sunnyvale Real Estate

The heart of the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley, the home of tech giants like Yahoo!, Juniper Networks, and AMD, and the keeper of a clean, suburban setting boasting outstanding schools and prize-winning parks—this is Sunnyvale, home to over 140,000 residents living in one of the safest and most innovative cities in Silicon Valley. No […]

Facebook’s Effect on the Appreciation of Menlo Park Housing

The Menlo Park housing market has been fairly consistently experiencing double-digit annual appreciation rates since 2011, as well as an astounding 69 percent overall appreciation since 2011. This should come as no surprise as the marked increase in housing value is tied to the evergrowing presence of Facebook within Menlo Park. The amount of Menlo […]

Make Any Space Modern

Do you love modern style but live in a not-so-modern home? To achieve a modern vibe in your home, you don’t have to make very large adjustments. By using these easy guidelines, you can quickly bring modern touches to any space. Scheme a New Scheme Color is trendy, and when you introduce a current color […]

How the Real Estate Industry Works

As the real estate market heats up and commission checks continue to grow, people often wonder how the real estate industry works. This curiosity may stem from interest in a career move or surprise over the size of the commission checks in Silicon Valley—either way, many are surprised by the number of different models employed […]

In San Francisco’s Bidding Wars, Home Prices Go Ballistic

WSJ: In San Francisco’s Bidding Wars, Home Prices Go Ballistic –  August 27, 2015 In San Francisco’s Bidding Wars, Home Prices Go Ballistic In the San Francisco Bay Area’s hot real-estate market, the question for many sellers isn’t whether they’ll get an offer. It’s how much over the asking price the offer will be. “It’s easy […]