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How to Properly Market a Home’s Location

by Sarah Last, Copywriter A lofty apartment surveys glimmering lights strung along bustling streets, where comfortable chatter and easy laughter float up from popular restaurants and chic boutiques. Tree-lined sidewalks flank proud rows of houses, separated from clamor and crowds, offering quiet privacy within a connected community. Nestled among vast, rolling hillsides, a smattering of […]

Utilizing Technology in Marketing

by Sarah Last, Copywriter Long ago, the world seemed endless. Voyages across rolling expanses of land and sea were yearly, if not lifetime commitments reserved for the very brave, the very intelligent, and the supremely wealthy. All that was known about distant nations was provided by those who had crossed over the horizon and returned […]

Guidelines to Marketing Selling-Points

By Sarah Last | Copywriter Often, when many people tell the same story, it will change slightly each time it’s told. The same holds true for a home. Each buyer who steps through the front door will see the home a little differently than the previous buyer. An imposing, rustic stone fireplace might attract some […]

Marketing Perspective: Identifying Selling-Points

  Most real estate agents understand the significance of marketing the strengths of a home to attract the right buyer. However, many agents simply do not have the ability or the resources to showcase every listing to its maximum potential. Our in-house marketing team strives to ensure our materials are as informative as they are […]