Mike Ran

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mike manages the online marketing, website, and overall technology side of DeLeon Realty. Mike brings in depth expertise in product management as well as digital marketing. Mike began his career as a product manager for tech startups, managing the development cycles of apps then branched out to manage digital marketing for non-tech corporations. Prior to joining DeLeon Realty, Mike worked as a consultant to build out Bay Area companies’ websites and digital platforms. This includes three prominent real estate investment groups, where Mike developed their brands and online growth strategies.

With over a decade of high-tech experience, Mike leveraged his skills to design and develop the current deleonrealty.com website. Since joining DeLeon Realty, Mike quickly attained his Real Estate license and actively works with buyers. Mike is motivated to excel by DeLeon’s innovative business model and the tremendous efforts of the entire team.

Personal Facts:

Mike was born in China with fluency in Mandarin but is truly a Bay Area native. Mike’s parents purchased a Silicon Valley house in the early 90s, allowing him to attend the Cupertino school district including Homestead High School. After graduating from UCSB, Mike returned to work for a tech start up in San Francisco as a product manager. Since then, he has lived locally where he enjoys all the technological innovation and social events that the Bay Area has to offer. Mike is happily married and enjoys traveling, food, and music.

  • Education

    University of California – Santa Barbara, Biology/ Technical & Multimedia Communication, 2008


    California Real Estate License No. #02046929

Mike Ran

Mike Ran

Online Marketing Specialist