Buyer-side commission waived on any DeLeon listing when represented by any DeLeon agent.

We are thrilled to announce our most stunning innovation yet: going forward, DeLeon Realty will not take commission from both sides of the same transaction. If any DeLeon Realty agent represents a buyer on any DeLeon Realty listing, then we will waive 100 percent of the buyer-side commission.*

This policy does not merely apply to agents representing buyers on their own listings, which we still prohibit. Rather, it is companywide and applies to any offer submitted by any DeLeon Realty agent on any DeLeon Realty listing.

Consequently, sellers will pay less to sell their homes, and the buyer’s offer will be more compelling. This will apply company-wide.

DeLeon Realty is known for offering the best marketing and the most comprehensive suite of services in real estate. Now, we are setting the new ethical ideal for the industry. Clients will be comforted by the knowledge that the listing agent’s compensation is not being received from both sides.

Unrepresented Buyers

Many buyers search for homes on their own or come across one of our listings from our TV commercials, radio promotions, our company website, the DeLeon Insight newsletter, newspaper or magazine ads, direct mail, or open houses. Once they find the desired property, they often look for an agent who can write it up. This creates a windfall for the lucky agent, but it contributes to the very high transaction costs sellers face when they sell.

Therefore, we encourage these unrepresented clients to contact us directly because it will result in a full 2.5-percent reduction in the commission rate we charge the seller, thus making the buyer’s offer even more compelling.

At DeLeon Realty, we respect relationships that potential buyers have with their agents. Therefore, this offer does not apply if another agent initially showed the buyer the house, or if the buyer signed an exclusive buyer representation agreement (a.k.a. a “Buyer-Broker Agreement”).

Impact on the Industry

There are a lot of good people that sell real estate. However, we believe the entire industry has to take steps to eliminate conflicts of interest and reduce temptation. We believe that our new policy is a major step in the right direction and will benefit both sellers and buyers represented by DeLeon Realty.

This revolutionary platform eliminates the conflict of interest that comes from getting commission from both sides of a transaction. Additionally, this unprecedented move raises the bar for the rest of the industry, shifting agents’ primary motivation from profit to client success and integrity.

At DeLeon Realty, transparency is at the heart of our innovation. We will only prosper if our clients succeed.

To learn more about how we are reinventing real estate, contact Michael Repka at 650.488.7325 or michael@deleonrealty.com.

*This offer applies to any buyer represented by any DeLeon Realty agent, provided they enter a binding contract to purchase a home listed by DeLeon Realty after May 1, 2017. It does not apply if the buyer first saw or learned of the property through a non-DeLeon agent, or if the buyer has entered into an exclusive representation agreement (e.g., a “Buyer Broker Agreement”) with any non-DeLeon agent. DeLeon Realty reserves the right to alter or withdraw this offer at any time and without advanced notice. This offer does not apply retroactively and does not apply to any closed transaction or any transaction currently in contract. This advertisement is not a solicitation of any homes already listed with another brokerage. Michael Repka, Managing Broker CalBRE #01854880.