How to Properly Market a Home’s Location

by Sarah Last, Copywriter A lofty apartment surveys glimmering lights strung along bustling streets, where comfortable chatter and easy laughter float up from popular restaurants and chic boutiques. Tree-lined sidewalks flank proud rows of houses, separated from clamor and crowds, offering quiet privacy within a connected community. Nestled among vast, rolling hillsides, a smattering of […]

Should I Sell or Leave My Home to My Heirs?

By Michael Repka, ESQ | CEO & General Counsel As an estate-planning attorney, I found that many people make major life decisions based on short-term needs rather than developing a long-term, tax-efficient strategy for their real estate holdings. This has the unfortunate consequence of causing their real estate portfolios to develop in ways that are […]

Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score

While everyone in Silicon Valley knows the importance of a credit score, few know the algorithm that is used to determine their exact scores.

Finding Your Own Voice in Design

To help you out, let’s explore the processes, timelines, and potential options available when you purchase a home.

Why Open Houses Are Useful

BY: MICHAEL REPKA, ESQ. | CEO & GENERAL COUNSEL Sellers often ask me whether they should hold open houses and, if so, how often? What I have found is that some sellers are too quick to dismiss this powerful tool, while others overestimate their importance. The Importance of Open Houses DeLeon Realty’s unique approach to selling […]

The DeLeon Team Returns to China for LPS, December 8-10 2017

DeLeon Realty is proud to announce our upcoming participation in China’s 16th edition of the Luxury Property Showcase (LPS), which will be held December 8-10, 2017, in Shanghai, China.

What is the hardest lesson for home buyers to learn in the San Francisco Bay Area?

By Rob Parish, Sr. Buyer Specialist The answer is deceptively easy. The list price for a home may have little to do with the property’s market value. Instead, it is just an offer to negotiate. Home buyers must be prepared for serious competition and make their own determination of value. There are three key reasons: Interest […]

Remodeling Guide

By Tilu Arora | Interior Designer You may have heard horror stories about problematic remodels, such as budgets spiraling out of control or sites left half-finished. But is this the reality? On the contrary, remodeling your home nowadays is actually easier than ever before due to the amount of information available at the click of […]