The Downside to Live Offer Presentations

In this hot Sellers’ market, multiple offers and above-asking bids are common. In fact, it is not unusual for a home to receive ten or more offers. Naturally, agents who are representing Buyers like the opportunity to present their clients’ offers directly to the Sellers so they can argue points beyond the price and terms […]

Buying Real Estate Sight Unseen

The world is getting smaller and technology is getting better. It is no surprise then that the Silicon Valley real estate market has seen an increase in the number of people who are buying homes without personally visiting the properties. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon. First, the heated pace of the market […]

Vacation Areas Poised for Strong Real Estate Appreciation

Over the past year or so, there has been a marked increase in people selling their Bay Area homes and moving to certain easily accessible get-a-way locations. In addition to offering a refreshing change of pace, many of these areas also offer a tempting arbitrage opportunity. When compared to prime parts of Silicon Valley, vacation […]

Unlocking Value Before You Sell

In the March edition of the DeLeon Insight, we examined “fixer-uppers” as an opportunity for buyers to get a relative value in this red-hot sellers’ market. In this article, we will look at ways in which prospective sellers can make sure they aren’t the ones selling their home at a “relative value.” In other words, […]

Real Estate Matters—Conflicts of Interest

Although the practice is completely legal and widely accepted in California, it seems impossible for one real estate agent to zealously represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction, even when the situation is properly disclosed. Simply too much conflict of interest exists. Nevertheless, many agents are tempted by the thought of […]

Neighborhood Spotlight – Los Altos’ Country Club

Many buyers overlook one of the most beautiful areas of Los Altos—the Country Club neighborhood. Either because of the relatively hilly and windy streets or the area’s location on the west side of Foothill Expressway, this area does not always appear on everyone’s radar screen. It is definitely worth a look! The area is named […]

“Affordable” Housing Options

With housing prices at an astronomical high, many young Bay Area couples have found themselves “priced out” of the neighborhoods in which they would like to raise their families. Though a couple may have two strong salaries and are able to scrape together a down payment to purchase a home with a price tag between […]

Tax Concerns Contribute to Housing Inventory Shortage

Between the demands of the federal government and the State of California, the “Tax Man” has played a key role in the current housing shortage in Silicon Valley. Although area real estate has been a remarkably good investment over the past 30 years, the sale of one highly appreciated property can result in a tax […]

DeLeon Realty Celebrates a Record-Breaking Year

For the DeLeon team, 2014 was a phenomenal year. Our sales soared 65% to approximately $559 million—a number never achieved by any Northern California Realtor® or team. In fact, our team’s sales volume exceeds all but a few local brokerage offices, despite the fact that most offices aggregate the sales of scores of individual agents […]

What Makes A Home Sustainable?

Sustainability is a term that is broadly used to describe materials and products that meet our current needs without negatively affecting the environment for future generations. If you are looking to add sustainable value to your home, we have a few helpful tips for you in planning your next renovation. An old bathroom can be […]