Buying A Condo Now

  Many first-time homebuyers often debate whether they should buy a condo or townhome now, or wait a few years so that they can buy their ideal home in their preferred location. Others contemplate the options of buying a condo or townhouse in their desired location versus buying a single-family home in a less desirable […]

CONSTRUCTION ZONE: Preparing Your Home for the Winter Months

  The winter months can present the greatest challenges to your home. With foresight and diligence, you can have a delightful and warm winter in your home if you follow these strategic tips. HEATING AND COOLING  Inspect your furnace or heat pump to make sure it is clean, in good repair, and is running efficiently. […]

Game Plan For Home Renovations

Creating a water-tight game plan is crucial when working on home improvements or renovations. Four fundamental steps should typically be followed in order to build a successful renovation plan. First, gather ideas and concepts for your home. Next, calculate your budget. Third, recruit your renovation team and, finally, establish a realistic timeline. Following these steps […]

Game Plan to Optimize Cyclical Market Conditions

  The seasonal sway of the Palo Alto real estate market is common knowledge to most local agents and individuals looking to sell or buy a home. The ebbs and flows of the market are best illustrated by looking at the number of days a home is on the market and the number of new […]

Rebates and Freebies for Your Water Conservation Efforts

  In the preparation and maintenance of your home for the coming year, you may want to consider taking some water conservation steps such as retrofitting your sprinkler system with high-efficiency nozzles, hooking up your clothes washer to a graywater system, replacing your washer or toilet with a high efficiency model, installing a rain barrel, […]

Atherton 2014: The Evolving Expectation of Privacy

  In October 2014, Forbes named Atherton, California (94027), the most expensive zip code in the country for the second year in a row. The local market has been experiencing incredible appreciation, which is directly attributable to both the vibrant local economy and the continuing investment of international buyers seeking premium tangible assets. Taken as […]

Tips for Creating Personal Style

Style is the expression of an aesthetic, whether in writing, film, music, or interior environments. Ideally, the style expresses the personality of the inhabitant. Below are 5 design principles you can use to create spaces that are personally congruent and visually impactful. 1. Identify What Resonates  Identify a few aesthetic qualities to which you are […]

Risk Taken By Buyers Investing in the Willows Has Paid Off

Much like “Risk,” the famous board game and source of intense family discord, purchasing real estate always involves the investment of limited resources – armies in “Risk,”equate to personal savings in real estate. In addition, people must decide into which defined territory they wish to make their investment. Outside of board games, those territories are […]

Efficiency Drives the Blueprints for DeLeon

Throughout my entire life I have been drawn to efficiency. While I enjoyed all of my Mathematics and Economics classes, my favorite class was Operations Research. A simple summary of Operations Research is that it uses mathematical algorithms to find the optimal solution to a complex problem. My love of efficiency and economics led me […]

Liquidated Damages, Initial with Care!

These days, it seems like every small transaction requires long and complex forms filled with legal jargon. It is often difficult to tell exactly what certain contract provisions mean, and even harder to understand how the provisions operate. This may be somewhat acceptable if you are purchasing the newest cell phone, but much riskier if […]