“Affordable” Housing Options

With housing prices at an astronomical high, many young Bay Area couples have found themselves “priced out” of the neighborhoods in which they would like to raise their families. Though a couple may have two strong salaries and are able to scrape together a down payment to purchase a home with a price tag between […]

Tax Concerns Contribute to Housing Inventory Shortage

Between the demands of the federal government and the State of California, the “Tax Man” has played a key role in the current housing shortage in Silicon Valley. Although area real estate has been a remarkably good investment over the past 30 years, the sale of one highly appreciated property can result in a tax […]

DeLeon Realty Celebrates a Record-Breaking Year

For the DeLeon team, 2014 was a phenomenal year. Our sales soared 65% to approximately $559 million—a number never achieved by any Northern California Realtor® or team. In fact, our team’s sales volume exceeds all but a few local brokerage offices, despite the fact that most offices aggregate the sales of scores of individual agents […]

What Makes A Home Sustainable?

Sustainability is a term that is broadly used to describe materials and products that meet our current needs without negatively affecting the environment for future generations. If you are looking to add sustainable value to your home, we have a few helpful tips for you in planning your next renovation. An old bathroom can be […]

The Impact of Foreign Investment on the Silicon Valley Real Estate Market

The confluence of a vibrant economy, ideal climate, and intellectual capital draws people to Silicon Valley from around the world. This melding of cultures, ideas, and approaches only serves to intensify the appeal of this area. As the demographic profile of the area changes, so does the real estate market. These changes can be seen […]

Location, Location: Is Central Portola Valley the next Lindenwood?

As Palo Alto, Atherton, Menlo Park and Los Altos have just finished another year of double digit appreciation, value-oriented buyers are realizing that Westridge and Central Portola Valley present an extraordinary opportunity. To put the relative disparity in perspective, $3,600,000 purchased an original 2051 sq. ft. home on a 7,200 sq. ft. parcel in Crescent […]

Finding a Real Estate Bargain—Fixer-Uppers

W ith home prices surging in the thriving Silicon Valley real estate market, buyers are constantly on the hunt for—and turning to us for advice on—the ever-elusive bargain. At DeLeon Realty, our team of in-house designers, contractors, handymen, and a construction consultant all collaborate on our listings because we have found that the majority of […]

Contingent Real Estate Offers—The Efficient Assignment of Risk

There are a lot of theories out there regarding the use of contingencies in real estate offers. Unfortunately many agents and buyers shift towards absolutes, such as “all offers have to be non-contingent in this hot seller’s market” or “the buyers should always have a financing contingency because you never know what the bank might […]

Birdland Appreciation

Sunnyvale home values have soared since 2011. This phenomenon is especially noticeable in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Sunnyvale, Birdland. The median sales price in Birdland also jumped from $1,126,500 in 2013 to $1,394,000 in 2014 as of October, reflecting a 23 percent increase. DeLeon Realty projects that Birdland will experience continued appreciation […]

Trading Up in Portola Valley

For young families who want to raise their children in tranquil Portola Valley, one of the best ways to enter that market is by purchasing a home in the nearby, unincorporated Ladera neighborhood. It is minutes from Interstate 280 and Stanford University, and walking distance from Portola Valley’s shopping center, the Ladera Country Shopper. In […]