Utilizing Technology in Marketing

by Sarah Last, Copywriter Long ago, the world seemed endless. Voyages across rolling expanses of land and sea were yearly, if not lifetime commitments reserved for the very brave, the very intelligent, and the supremely wealthy. All that was known about distant nations was provided by those who had crossed over the horizon and returned […]

Why Buyers Love ATHERTON So Much

By Ken DeLeon | Founder While Atherton is internationally famous for its natural beauty and affluence, wise residents know that it is the idyllic charm of this community coupled with its great schools and high quality of life that makes it so attractive to Silicon Valley buyers. With nearly $400 million in 2017 sales solely […]

Modern Design Principles

By Leah Li | Interior Designer Among all interior design styles that are currently popular, there is a clear increase in the demand for Modern interiors. Coming from a background of designing exclusively with European Modern interiors, I am a true believer of the philosophy behind Modern design. The principles of Modern design work especially […]

2017: Year in Review

By Ken DeLeon, ESQ. and Michael Repka, ESQ. It started off with the area—and the nation as a whole—adjusting to the notion of a Trump presidency. During the latter half of 2016, the market was quite lethargic as voters remained cautious due to the uncertainty of the election. Generally, many buyers sat on the sidelines […]

Should I Sell or Leave My Home to My Heirs?

By Michael Repka, ESQ | CEO & General Counsel As an estate-planning attorney, I found that many people make major life decisions based on short-term needs rather than developing a long-term, tax-efficient strategy for their real estate holdings. This has the unfortunate consequence of causing their real estate portfolios to develop in ways that are […]

Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score

While everyone in Silicon Valley knows the importance of a credit score, few know the algorithm that is used to determine their exact scores.

Finding Your Own Voice in Design

To help you out, let’s explore the processes, timelines, and potential options available when you purchase a home.

The DeLeon Team Returns to China for LPS, December 8-10 2017

DeLeon Realty is proud to announce our upcoming participation in China’s 16th edition of the Luxury Property Showcase (LPS), which will be held December 8-10, 2017, in Shanghai, China.