The DeLeon Team Returns to China for LPS, December 8-10 2017

DeLeon Realty is proud to announce our upcoming participation in China’s 16th edition of the Luxury Property Showcase (LPS), which will be held December 8-10, 2017, in Shanghai, China.

What is the hardest lesson for home buyers to learn in the San Francisco Bay Area?

By Rob Parish, Sr. Buyer Specialist The answer is deceptively easy. The list price for a home may have little to do with the property’s market value. Instead, it is just an offer to negotiate. Home buyers must be prepared for serious competition and make their own determination of value. There are three key reasons: Interest […]

Remodeling Guide

By Tilu Arora | Interior Designer You may have heard horror stories about problematic remodels, such as budgets spiraling out of control or sites left half-finished. But is this the reality? On the contrary, remodeling your home nowadays is actually easier than ever before due to the amount of information available at the click of […]

Solutions for International Buyers

By Kim Heng | Realtor®, MBA, Director of Sales According to Forbes magazine, the United States was the most popular destination for Chinese homebuyers, who spent over $14 billion on US properties in 2016. However, given the shifting monetary policies of the Chinese government, how will Chinese investors be affected? The Problem Recently, the Chinese […]

Palo Alto’s New Ordinance

By Huy Vu | Realtor®, Attorney, Buyer Specialist Affordability issues persist in Silicon Valley as supply and demand for housing continue to put upward pressure on prices. Demand for housing here likely won’t change soon. Our communities boast top-performing schools, diverse populations, great weather, and access to world-class restaurants and entertainment. Thousands of employers operate […]

Transfer Taxes

By Alex Seroff, ESQ. | Realtor®, Attorney, VP of Listings There are many so-called “hidden” taxes paid by Californians. You may not even know that you pay some of them. For instance, did you know that you pay a tax of $.036 per gallon on gasoline? A tax of $3.30 per gallon on liquor? A […]

Apple’s New Campus and its Anticipated Effect on Home Prices

By Darrell Martin | Realtor®, Buyer Specialist for Sunnyvale & Mountain View The new Apple “Spaceship” campus in Cupertino, now officially known as Apple Park, is nearing completion and warrants some well-deserved recognition. The concept of this campus was first presented to the Cupertino City Council by Steve Jobs in 2006 and again in 2011 […]

Hidden Dangers

By Michael Repka, ESQ. | CEO & General Counsel Whenever homeowners mention the possibility of selling their home without using a professional real estate agent, various agents are quick to counter with the argument that a lot of legal pitfalls are lurking out there. These agents continue that the sellers need a qualified agent to help […]

Best of Both Worlds

By Ken DeLeon | Founder When Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods Market recently made headlines, I was reminded of my desire for a combination of the quality of Whole Foods with the pricing of Trader Joe’s. That wish may be granted due to the aforementioned acquisition. However, this desire for the best products at affordable […]

Bang For Your Buck

By Margie Fontanilla | Interior Designer If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s important to think about how to emphasize your home’s most attractive features and deemphasize any perceived flaws. Interior design trends are constantly changing, making it challenging for homeowners to choose which home renovation projects are worth their time and money. Here […]