Old Palo Alto is a hallmark of Palo Alto’s history and growing global influence. To illustrate the prestige and value of Old Palo Alto, in 2016 it was the most expensive neighborhood in all of California on a dollar per square foot basis and is usually in the state’s top five most expensive neighborhoods. 

Old Palo Alto’s first home, now making up the community grounds of Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden, was originally built for the venerable Gamble family of Proctor & Gamble. This proved to be the start of the neighborhood’s aristocratic reputation. Today, Old Palo Alto is as desirable as ever. Modern luminaries of Silicon Valley, including Google’s co-founder Larry Page, as well as Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs, have chosen to make stately Old Palo Alto their home. 

Aside from its picturesque tree-canopied streets and enchanting and eclectic architecture, Old Palo Alto is coveted for being in the heart of the city. In fact, a tunnel under the Caltrain tracks near Jerry Bowden Park makes walking to lively California Avenue, and its two Michelin-Starred restaurants a breeze. 

The lots in Old Palo Alto are luxurious, with most averaging an expansive 9,000 square feet, and some exceeding an acre. Outside of the city’s flood zones, many residents choose to add basements to their homes, further expanding the footprint. These factors attract new development, mainly from custom builders creating their dream homes for their well-heeled clients, which in turn advances neighborhood appreciation. 

Old Palo Alto is synonymous with the very best of Silicon Valley living, and this stately neighborhood will continue to provide a high quality of life for residents for many years to come. 


  • Embarcadero Road, on the north
  • Middlefield Road, on the east
  • Oregon Expressway, on the south
  • Alma Street, on the west

Public Schools

  • Walter Hays Elementary School (K-5) (#4 Elementary School in California)
  • Addison Elementary School (K-5) (#10 Elementary School in California)
  • Jordan Middle School (6-8) (#3 Middle School in California)
  • Palo Alto High School (#5 High School in California)

(state-ranked according to niche.com)


  • Main Library- 1213 Newell Road Palo Alto, CA, 94303
  • Children’s Library- 1276 Harriet Street Palo Alto, CA 94301


  • Bowden Park- 2380 High Street Palo Alto, CA 94309
  • Lawn Bowling Green Park- 474 Embarcadero Road Palo Alto, CA 94301