Nestled between Los Altos, Palo Alto, and the foothills is rustic and charming Los Altos Hills. This neighborhood boasts rustic roots as a dual residential-agricultural community without any commercial or industrial establishments. Lush acreage and stunning San Francisco Bay vistas provide a peaceful, yet magnificent setting for the large, custom-built homes spotted throughout Los Altos Hills. It goes without saying that some of the highest-valued and most attractive homes for sale in the Peninsula can be found within this beautifully verdant town.

Factors like strict zoning and building regulations, topography, and homeowners with a higher level of disposable income have given the homes in the Los Altos Hills area an exclusive quality. Between vineyards and eclectic styles, the homes throughout Los Altos Hills have a lot to offer. Los Altos Hills contracts all public services–from police to postal–with Santa Clara County. Some homes are not even connected to the sewer system, relying instead on septic tanks. Cell phone signals can also be spotty.

Due to its rural setting, Los Altos Hills has a strong equestrian and biking culture. With 90 miles of roads and trails that can be explored on foot, horseback, and bike, living in Los Altos Hills can be equated to living in a national park. Every year, the town hosts Pathways Run/Walk that begins at Westwind Community Barn, adjacent to the Byrne Preserve.

Many of Silicon Valley’s wealthiest have made Los Altos Hills home due to the serenity and bucolic charm of the town. Many homeowners are able to grow grapes on their expansive lots and have cooperating arrangements with area wineries. Many of the larger estates enjoy amenities like well-appointed guesthouses, swimming pools, tennis courts, and vineyards. It is not unusual for larger estates to have majestic mansions, well-appointed guesthouses, swimming pools, tennis courts, and vineyards. The beauty and extravagance of the Los Altos Hills area truly speaks for itself.

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