2018: Year in Review

January 4, 2019/by Michael Repka

12 Ways to Find a Home Below Market Value with Ken DeLeon

January 1, 2019/by DeLeon Team

What is an H-1B Visa and How Does it Affect Silicon Valley Real Estate?

December 28, 2018/by Audrey Sun

The Importance of Pricing Your Home Correctly – By the Numbers

December 26, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Exclusive Arrangement with Da Lusso Designs

December 7, 2018/by Michael Repka

The Diminishing Role of Buyers’ Agents

November 11, 2018/by Michael Repka

Silicon Valley’s New Icon: Apple Park Campus

October 15, 2018/by DeLeon Team

The Comeback Kid: Joseph Eichler

September 10, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Redwood City Continues to Boom

September 2, 2018/by DeLeon Team

The Ellis Act: A Valuable Option for Investing in Rent-Control Cities

August 4, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Seminar 8/23: Steps to Maximize Your Real Estate Sales Price

August 1, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Has Silicon Valley and SF eclipsed NYC as America’s Top Region?

July 12, 2018/by Ken DeLeon

Mountain View: A City of Action

July 7, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Lakewood Village may be the next Birdland

March 29, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Real Estate and the Millennial Home Buyer

March 19, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Attracting Palo Alto Buyers to Menlo Park Listings

March 14, 2018/by Michael Repka

Seminar: Buying a Home Below Market Value with Ken DeLeon

March 12, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Why Buyers Love Palo Alto So Much

March 8, 2018/by Ken DeLeon

A Shot Across California’s Bow

March 3, 2018/by Michael Repka

Predicting the Next Hot City

March 1, 2018/by Ken DeLeon

Why Buyers Love ATHERTON So Much

February 8, 2018/by Ken DeLeon
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