Best of Both Worlds

September 14, 2017/by Ken DeLeon

Determine Your List Price

September 12, 2017/by Ken DeLeon

Palo Alto Weekly: Within Walking Distance

September 8, 2017/by DeLeon Team

Investment Trends: Redwood City, Out Appreciating Silicon Valley Since 2014

September 7, 2017/by Rob Parish

Silicon Beat: In the heart of Silicon Valley, summer home sales keep going up despite sharp drop in listings

September 1, 2017/by DeLeon Team

Consider Cashing Out Now

August 14, 2017/by Alex Seroff

Inman Connect 2017: Protecting Ourselves From Power Shifts in Real Estate

August 10, 2017/by DeLeon Team

Winning Preemptive Offers

August 3, 2017/by DeLeon Team

Silicon Valley: World Leader in Innovation

August 2, 2017/by Ken DeLeon

Inman News: Network effects are the only way to future-proof brokerages

July 31, 2017/by DeLeon Team

Move-Up Buyers

July 27, 2017/by Darrell Martin

How to Compete Against an All Cash Offer

July 11, 2017/by Caroline Wong

How to Maximize Your Profit From Homeownership

July 9, 2017/by Ken DeLeon

Summer Splash: Buy a Home Before the New School Year

July 6, 2017/by Michael Repka

CBS News: Trumps Presidency May Be Impacting Silicon Valley Home Sales

June 27, 2017/by DeLeon Team

Homeownership for Millennials

June 25, 2017/by Darrell Martin

100-Percent Appreciation in Just Over Five Years

June 17, 2017/by Ken DeLeon

San Francisco Bay Area: America’s Second City

May 22, 2017/by Ken DeLeon

How to Effectively Build Your Dream Home

May 19, 2017/by Ken DeLeon

Beyond Simple Seasonality

May 11, 2017/by Alex Seroff

Why is The Spring Market Unusually Active in 2017?

May 3, 2017/by Kim Heng
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