Mountain View


From its humble beginning as a stagecoach stop along El Camino Real in 1850, to a flourishing farming community in the early 1900s, the city of Mountain View has evolved into a tech tycoon. Some of the world’s most notable companies, including Google, Intuit, Synopsys, and LinkedIn have put down their roots in this vibrant city, creating an atmosphere of modernity and gentrification.

Vibrant and diverse, Mountain View has a population of over 74,000. With 90 percent of the population as high school graduates and 60 percent of the residents holding bachelor’s degrees or higher, it’s no wonder why high-profile companies flock to this impressive city.

Mountain View takes great pride in having something for everyone. For the history buff, the Computer History Museum houses the largest and most significant collection of computing artifacts in the world. For the nature lover, Mountain View offers miles of trails along the shorelines and wetlands next to beautiful real estate. For the foodie, its pedestrian-friendly downtown is filled with hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and shops. For the concert-goer, Shoreline Amphitheatre, an outdoor theater that seats 22,000 attendees, hosts many of the biggest names in entertainment.

Mountain View’s strength and vitality, however, are rooted in its neighborhoods, where diversity is cherished and celebrated. Although each neighborhood has its own personality and distinct appeal, all of the neighborhoods share a strong sense of community and responsibility.

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