CBS: Silicon Valley’s Hottest Neighborhood for Foreign Buyers: Old Palo Alto

August 6, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Eight Things That Make DeLeon Different

July 26, 2019/by Michael Repka

Seminar 8/15: Selling a Home in a Down Market

July 25, 2019/by DeLeon Team

The Angle of Evolution: Responding to Life’s Ups and Downs

July 23, 2019/by Ken DeLeon

Cross-Collateral Financing

July 21, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Stay Fresh Locally: Silicon Valley Farmers Markets

July 19, 2019/by DeLeon Team

The DeLeon Team Just Ranked #1 in the Entire USA

July 15, 2019/by Michael Repka

Embracing Your Life Purpose

July 13, 2019/by Ken DeLeon

Innovative Silicon Valley Attorneys Become the Top Ranked Real Estate Team in the Country Thanks to a Unique Business Model

July 1, 2019/by Michael Repka

Countertops – Natural vs. Engineered Stone

June 30, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Feng Shui – Not So Much a Mystery, But a Method to Joy and Comfort

June 23, 2019/by Audrey Sun

Tinsley Voluntary Transfer Program

June 22, 2019/by Audrey Sun

Neighborhood Spotlight: Old Palo Alto

June 19, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Global Real Estate Trends – Part Two: Japan and France

June 15, 2019/by Ken DeLeon

Exclusive Photography

May 26, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Conflicts of Interest with “Coming Soon” Marketing

May 21, 2019/by Michael Repka

Caltrain Electrification Sparks Appreciation

May 15, 2019/by Michael Repka

Q&A Seminar 6/11: Your Real Estate Questions Answered

May 10, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Resolving Real Estate Disputes

May 5, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Pending IPOs Spark Confidence

May 4, 2019/by DeLeon Team

So Your Home Didn’t Appraise, Now What?

April 30, 2019/by Michael Repka

The Chinese Trade War’s Impact on Silicon Valley Real Estate

April 23, 2019/by DeLeon Team

The Unfortunate Downside of Automated Searches

April 20, 2019/by Michael Repka

Global Real Estate Trends – Part One: Russia and The UK

April 19, 2019/by Ken DeLeon

Fixing a Decedent’s Mistakes After Death—The Heggstad Petition

April 14, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Are Accessory Dwelling Units a Partial Solution to Silicon Valley’s Housing Crisis?

April 5, 2019/by Ken DeLeon

Deductibility of State Taxes and Interest Under the New Tax Law

April 3, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Menlo Park Market Update With Ken DeLeon

March 31, 2019/by DeLeon Team

The Hidden Dangers of “Off-MLS” or “Pocket” Listings

March 29, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Central Menlo Park Spotlight

March 5, 2019/by michelle

What is an EB-5 Visa and How Does it Affect Silicon Valley Real Estate?

March 3, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Real Estate Seminar 4/2: Planning for New Tax Laws

February 25, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Ellen Fletcher — Silicon Valley’s Bicycling Hero

February 16, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Patience Went From Being a Virtue to a Necessity When Constructing a Home

February 15, 2019/by Ken DeLeon

Spring Bloom 2019: Springtime Real Estate Listings

February 6, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Silicon Valley’s New Icon: Apple Park Campus

February 1, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Seminar for Homeowners (2/16): How to Reach Buyers in a Slow Market

January 29, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Seminar 2/10: 2018 Real Estate Tax Changes & Maximizing Sales Price in a Slowing Market

January 23, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Seminar 2/9: Feng-Shui Concepts That Impact Home Values

January 23, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Time to Revisit Your Trust

January 20, 2019/by Michael Repka

What is an H-1B Visa and How Does it Affect Silicon Valley Real Estate?

January 17, 2019/by Audrey Sun

2018: Year in Review

January 4, 2019/by Michael Repka

Palo Alto Preserves Historic Homes; Homeowners Benefit Too

January 2, 2019/by Michael Repka

12 Ways to Find a Home Below Market Value with Ken DeLeon

January 1, 2019/by DeLeon Team

The Importance of Pricing Your Home Correctly – By the Numbers

December 26, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Housing Affordability for Local Teachers, Police Officers & Firefighters

December 26, 2018/by Michael Repka

Risk of Using Friends & Family As Your Real Estate Agent

December 19, 2018/by Michael Repka

Reverse 1031 Exchanges

December 15, 2018/by Michael Repka

Dishonesty in Real Estate

December 13, 2018/by Michael Repka

War Stories—Overly Aggressive Lien-Holder

December 5, 2018/by Michael Repka

Copywriting 101: How to Write Effective Ad Copy

December 2, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Danger of Live Offer Presentations

December 1, 2018/by Michael Repka

The DeLeon Team Presents at the 2018 AREAA National Convention in Las Vegas

November 29, 2018/by Michael Repka

LPS Shanghai 2018: Returning This Winter

November 15, 2018/by Melanie Yu

CBS News: Hillside Estate in South Bay Lists for $55 Million

November 13, 2018/by DeLeon Team

The Diminishing Role of Buyers’ Agents

November 11, 2018/by Michael Repka

Palo Alto Spotlight: Rinconada and Mitchell Parks

November 4, 2018/by Michael Repka

Open House Liability: The Risk and Benefits of Open Houses

November 3, 2018/by Audrey Sun

A Snapshot of Some Real Estate Related Propositions on the November Ballot

November 2, 2018/by Michael Repka

Hidden Dangers to Arbitration in Real Estate Contracts

November 2, 2018/by Michael Repka

Expansion of Property Tax Transferability

October 25, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club: A Hidden Oasis

October 20, 2018/by Michael Repka

Air Traffic Impact on Real Estate

October 2, 2018/by Michael Repka

Wire Fraud in Real Estate Transactions

September 18, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Smart Home Tech Seminar – 10/23 in Palo Alto

September 14, 2018/by DeLeon Team

The Comeback Kid: Joseph Eichler

September 10, 2018/by DeLeon Team

How to Prep Your Kitchen On A Budget When Selling Your Home

September 9, 2018/by Margie Fontanilla

Palo Alto Cultural History

September 8, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Redwood City Continues to Boom

September 2, 2018/by DeLeon Team
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