How to Properly Market a Home’s Location


Silicon Valley from above

A lofty apartment surveys glimmering lights strung along bustling streets, where comfortable chatter and easy laughter float up from popular restaurants and chic boutiques.

Tree-lined sidewalks flank proud rows of houses, separated from clamor and crowds, offering quiet privacy within a connected community.

Nestled among vast, rolling hillsides, a smattering of distinguished dwellings are blessed with mountain views at each window, and an endless starscape on clear nights.

No matter where a home sits, its location boasts advantages. Knowing how to properly market those advantages is just as important as knowing how to market the home itself.

The expression “Location, location, location” has been a mantra faithfully recited by real estate agents and their clients for many a house hunt, and for good reason. This simplistic, repetitive phrase hammers in the weighty understanding that most of a home’s value stems from where it resides. Being able to convey to potential buyers which conveniences lie within easy reach will not only help to further showcase a property’s value, but it will give buyers a glimpse into the type of lifestyle certain areas can offer.

In terms of sought-after centrality, the advantages of living within a more metropolitan area speak for themselves. Appropriately marketing the hustle and bustle typical of urbanity can positively showcase many benefits of a particular area. A city-like setting will have the advantage of being within easy reach of highly desirable amenities like fine dining, world-class employers, shopping, transportation, and downtown recreation. Though often smaller than single-family homes, apartments and condos have increased accessibility while potentially downsizing their living spaces.

The reserved climate of suburbia presents quite a different atmosphere from that of its urban counterpart. Within quiet streets dotted with single-and double-story homes rests a harmonious balance of peaceful yet central, peopled yet private. Though removed from the busier metropolitan environment, suburban neighborhoods often still offer close proximity to incredible amenities like parks, museums, and libraries, making them perfect for potential buyers who are looking for an active, community-involved lifestyle within the comfort of a more serene and slow-paced setting. In order to most effectively market a home in a suburban neighborhood, it’s imperative to draw upon this seamless blending of urban and rural qualities.

Tucked away from gleaming city lights, and perhaps even the soft glow of suburbia’s street lamps, homes located in rural communities boast their own set of benefits. When marketing homes in these areas, it’s crucial to feature the tranquil setting, which is often accompanied by majestic views. Hiking trails, nature reserves, and modest towns with mom-and-pop stores are all outstanding qualities often found in more rural neighborhoods. When selling a home, calling upon elements like these shows potential buyers that a home can have the remote feel they might be in search of, while still having easy access to many of the same conveniences as their suburban neighbors.

Though there are benefits to living in these specific areas, some benefits will be sought-out regardless of neighborhood type. An area’s school district will nearly always be one of the top considerations buyers with children will make when on the hunt for a new home. In order to properly market a home in terms of its corresponding schools, there are two essential pieces of information to include. The first is if the schools reside within a quick stroll or bike ride from the home, while the second incorporates school rankings. Owning a home within an area where children are able to safely stroll or bike to some of the state’s top-ranked schools is a remarkable, even exclusive benefit that will undoubtedly make any home more desirable to potential buyers.

Knowing how to market all of these locational aspects is an excellent way to ensure a home gets the attention it needs in order to sell quickly, which is why DeLeon Realty has several good copywriters on staff. As the most permanent factor of a home, when the location is portrayed properly, the home