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Behind-The-Scenes for 1023 Forest Avenue September 1, 2019/in Articles, Blog, For Sellers, Marketing, Multimedia / By David Tobener When the stunning Queen Anne Victorian home at 1023 Forest Avenue in Palo Alto presented itself to us, we knew that a standard video shoot just wasn’t going to be enough to do it justice. Designated as a Landmark Property by Palo Alto Stanford […]

Ken Fulk, Celebrity Designer

By Annie Ho Ken Fulk is a San Francisco based celebrity interior designer and the creative director of his design studio, Ken Fulk Inc. Known for his exquisite yet natural talent, the designer is sought out by those who want to turn their dream house into reality. Fulk’s clientele comprises, among others, influential individuals including […]

Exclusive Photography

By Anthony Halawa DeLeon Realty breaks the business mold, yet again, by employing staff photographers. Lead photographer Anthony Halawa brings a unique blend of talent and experience to his role. A strong visual aesthetic, Fine Arts Degree, and experience in motion pictures all inform and fuel Anthony’s passion for visual storytelling. He has the ability […]