Rise Foundation: Rural India Student Education

Krishnan and Geetha, founders of the RISE Foundation, are a married couple who, like many, have moved to the United States for a better life. They currently reside in Palo Alto, and have co-founded the Rural India Student Education Foundation to build an elementary school called RISE School in a rural community of southern India. The goal is to bridge the knowledge gap between rural and urban children, providing rural students the same access to a quality education as urban students.

RISE School has grown from four students in 2004 to 250 students in 2017. Throughout the years, Krishnan and Geetha have worked hard to not only develop the school, but have also been catalysts in the villages surrounding the school, empowering families to make education a priority for their children. They continue to live half-time in India, building relationships with students, parents, and school staff to ensure its success.

Krishnan and Geetha are currently raising $90,000 to construct two additional buildings. These will hold eight classrooms in order to serve students up to the 10th grade (matriculation). As a result, this will also increase the enrollment of students within the rural community, allowing more teachers to be hired to fill those classrooms, and ultimately educating the community as a whole.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Krishnan and Geetha are trying to do their part, but they need assistance. DeLeon Realty has become a donor to their cause, and they are actively seeking others who wish to change a child’s life through education.

Please contact us to learn more

  • RISE Foundation
  • indiarise.net
  • 2657 Kipling Street Palo Alto, CA 94306
  • 650.416.4002
  • paloaltokrishnan@gmail.com

EIN: 91-6542513

You can donate online through indiarise.net or send a check to RISE Foundation .

Join DeLeon Realty in supporting RISE Foundation. Be the change.