DeLeon Realty’s Summer Splash

Buyers often say they would like to purchase a home over the summer and settle in before the new school year starts. Nevertheless, the majority of listings are brought onto the market during the two seasonal windows of spring and fall. In effect, the summer becomes a “dead time” in large part because of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Namely, Realtors® believe there will not be enough listings on the market to keep buyer attention, so they advise clients to wait until September to list.

Generally speaking, this is good advice. The steady flow of new listings during the busy spring months of March and April and the fall months of September and October keeps buyers constantly checking the newspapers and the MLS. As the number of listings dies down, so does the buyer interest. There still are plenty of buyers out there, but it requires an extremely aggressive marketing campaign to jolt them out of hibernation.

As Silicon Valley’s dominant market leader, the DeLeon Team has the ability to change the market to give buyers what they want—a selection of great homes that will close before the new school year begins.

Last year, we launched the inaugural DeLeon Summer Splash, which was a tremendous success. This year, we have decided to expand the program. In a blatant attempt to attract more attention from buyers, we are offering a free 3-year maintenance plan to all buyers who purchase one of our Summer Splash listings.

This annual, cost-saving maintenance covers many time-consuming tasks, including:

1) cleaning gutters and downspouts,

2) cleaning exhaust vents and filters,

3) checking toilet operations,

4) checking smoke and carbon monoxide


5) removing tree branches,

6) maintaining water heaters,

7) replacing HVAC filters,

8) pressure-washing parking areas,

9) lubricating garage door systems,

…and much more!

This incentive applies irrespective of whether or not the buyers use a DeLeon agent to represent them in the purchase. If you are interested in buying a home this summer, make sure you check out all of our fantastic listings that we will bring in the market during the Summer Splash weeks. You can see many of these properties in this newsletter, or you can ask any licensed real estate salesperson or broker.