Update Your Bath on a Budget

All homes have their imperfections and quirks. We often put up with a dark, dingy powder room or a hall bath with its yellow tub and sink because we love the rest of the house. It has been on your to-do list long enough! Now that you are ready to get started on creating a space you no longer shy away from, here are a few suggestions to help you create the best bathroom possible.

To keep your budget low without causing too much stress, we always suggest using what you have. If you have a great old tub with a little staining, you have two options: paint it or replace it. Epoxy paint is a cost-effective option when compared to the cost and hassle of removing the old tub and replacing it. Painting the tub will also cut down on your construction time, which is always encouraged when it comes to one of the busiest rooms of your house. Countertops and sinks can also be painted, but replacing them is generally not as onerous.

Dated cabinetry? If it is functional, try to add new hardware or a fresh coat of paint. We have found greys, whites, and even taupe colors help revitalize old bathroom vanities. If the countertop and sink are your biggest complaint, try replacing the counter with a natural material to bring that bathroom into the 21st century. If the entire vanity has seen the last of its days, we suggest finding a reasonably priced cabinet and countertop combo from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Although it will not be a custom cabinet, these stores offer selection or styles and materials that meet both low budgets and tight timelines.

When purchasing a new cabinet and countertop separately, you will need to consider the additional installation cost for each material as well as the construction time needed for each item. Custom cabinets can often take three to four weeks for construction depending on the vendor and details. Countertops can take up to two weeks just for fabrication. This does not include the time to shop for materials as well as the installation.

Staining on your mirror? Over the years, glue, cleaning supplies, and even UV light can deteriorate the coloration on your mirror. If your mirror happens to be glued directly to the wall, you will also need to consider the wall repairs that may be needed to get that wall ready for paint. To avoid additional patching and painting, mirrors can often be saved by adding a simple frame made with painted molding around the edges, to cover the discoloration. Transforming that old dated mirror to a framed mirror is a great way to revamp a dated vanity.

Keep in mind that paint can often make for an easy room update with no labor other than your own needed! Before getting started on any project we recommend doing some research. Websites like Pinterest and Houzz have helped to empower homeowners by expanding their knowledge of materials, design, and finishings. The finishing touches and attention to detail will help elevate any bathroom remodel.