Online Marketing in a Hot Real Estate Market

Is there a need to run robust online marketing campaigns in a hot real estate market? Absolutely! DeLeon Realty’s clients are sellers and buyers in some of the most desirable real estate markets in the nation – Atherton, Portola Valley, Woodside, Menlo Park, Los Altos, and Palo Alto (to name a few) – where many homes sell with multiple offers within 10 days, and some buyers purchase homes sight unseen. Therefore, it is imperative to run strategic and comprehensive marketing campaigns that include online advertisements for property listings.

While some sellers and their Realtors® may be tempted to just list a property on a multiple listing service and let the home sell itself in a competitive market, DeLeon Realty believes that Realtors® should provide clients with valuable marketing services both offline and online to ensure great results. Great results require sweat equity. With that understanding, our marketing team utilizes strategic and effective online marketing strategies to market our clients’ homes. For example, we run Facebook and Google ad campaigns for each property listing that target people who are most likely to purchase the home.

Most prospective buyers are busy professionals and/or live in other states or countries. If we reach these individuals while they are searching or browsing for real estate and neighborhood information online, we are capturing opportunities for our clients that would otherwise be missed.

Traditionally, buyers have relied on newspapers to deliver information about local events such as open houses and television commercials to provide information about products and services. Nowadays, people also search for listings online through a multiple listing service such as,, Trulia, or Zillow, or they may come across a Google AdWords ad or a Facebook ad that sparks their interest. Rather than hope prospective buyers will find our clients’ homes, we actively seek out prospective buyers with our targeted online campaigns. If a photo or detail of a home speaks to a prospective buyer online, it is a great segue for that person to visit the property website. Once there, the prospective buyer can learn more details about the home, the neighborhood where it is located, see the home location on a map, watch a narrated video tour of the home, take a “walk-through” of the house via a 3-D tour, as well as download disclosures.

The value of online marketing is manifold. Primarily, it captures the attention of busy prospective buyers and those who may be out of the area. Secondly, it provides these buyers with the convenience and time-saving ability to learn more about a property and tour it virtually. Thirdly, online marketing enables third parties to share photos and information about our listings with their networks of friends, family, and associates.

Running strategic Google AdWords and Facebook marketing campaigns is only one of the many ways in which we maximize the opportunity for our clients to receive competitive and great offers for their homes. However, we consider it a valuable service to our clients that is well worth the extra hard work.