DeLeon Realty to Showcase the Best of Silicon Valley Real Estate at LPS Shanghai 2018

Deleon Realty, a leader in the Silicon Valley luxury real estate market, has confirmed its participation to LPS Shanghai 2018 and will present the very best of California properties to Shanghai’s Elite.

We have met with Mr. Michael Repka, the CEO of the company, to better understand how his company is helping Chinese investors.

Dear Mr. Repka, in 2018, it will be your fifth participation at LPS Shanghai. What keeps you coming back to LPS edition after edition?

We have found LPS to be a great way to meet potential buyers and to market our listings. The event enables us to interact with, and showcase our properties to,targeted buyers and luxury real estate agents. Furthermore, since LPS is an invitation-only event that attracts people from around the world, we make connections that have proven to be quite useful in many ways. Though Chinese buyers and agents make up the majority of visitors at these shows, we also have met buyers and agents from Dubai, India, Brazil, Australia, Russia, and several other countries at past LPS events. At these shows, our forward-thinking, service-oriented business model received very positive feedback.

For the Chinese investors who are not yet familiar with DeLeon Realty, can you describe the core values and the credentials of your company?

DeLeon Realty is an innovative, top-tier real estate company in Silicon Valley. We are also one of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing companies. The DeLeon Team is ranked #1 in California and #2 in America (per Wall Street Journal/REAL Trends, June 2017). Dedication to delivering exceptional service is the core of our commitment to our clients. We seek to innovate and create the next generation of the real estate industry where experience, education, professionalism, and a genuine commitment to the client’s best interest take center stage.DeLeon Realty is run by two attorneys who are very knowledgeable when it comes to both US and international tax and legal issues. We offer a one-stop shop that includes interior design and home renovations. We also have resources to help buyers become assimilated to their new neighborhood and community. As we continue to expand in the Chinese market, we have been strengthening and expanding our offerings.

More and more Chinese are investing in properties located in Silicon Valley. Do you foresee that this trend will continue in the coming few years?

We have enjoyed tremendous success in tapping into the burgeoning Chinese buyer pool. In fact, we have become well-known to the Chinese community throughout the Bay Area from our aggressive outreach. We have also established some very strong business connections with real estate professionals in affluent cities such as Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei, and Hong Kong. Fortunately, throughout this time, we have seen continued in¬vestment from buyers coming from overseas—most notably from China. Although the types of homes desired have changed significantly, the actual demand has remained steady. This strong demand has resulted in some very favorable sales prices for several high-end DeLeon Platinum properties.We anticipate that Chinese buyers will continue to invest in properties located in Silicon Valley. We have seen a greater shift toward luxury properties and away from some of the pure investment properties that they bought 3-4 years ago. Naturally, it is a very dynamic environment and LPS helps us stay in tune with the Chinese buyers’ desires.

What sets your company apart from other Silicon Valley real estate companies?

We offer legal and tax services, interior design services, and general home improvement recommendations. Our unique model of a one-stop shop, coupled with our wide array of inclusive services, allows us to help buyers with everything necessary to get set up in their new homes. We also have a very robust staff of multilingual associates. My colleague who works with me on the listing side speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese, and we have a Mandarin-speaking interior designer available for Chinese clients. We also have a separate Mandarin-speaking marketing department.There are no other real estate companies in Silicon Valley that are structured this way, or have these resources on staff. To summarize, our unique, full-service business model makes us the best real estate team in the US to cater to Chinese buyers’ needs.

Which advice would you give to Chinese buyers investing for the first time in California?

I think it is really important to get to know the area well first. We do tours in Mandarin of various cities and their neighborhoods within Silicon Valley to make sure our clients feel comfortable with the overall location before they jump in and purchase a home. This includes a driving tour as well as an aerial tour in our company plane. It’s also crucial to work with an extremely knowledgeable agent who can help with the home purchase, while at the same time, provide a one-stop-shop that includes legal and tax services, interior design, and many other steps necessary to getting you the home of your choice. In the past, it was very difficult for people coming from outside of the United States to borrow money. Recently, we have seen an increase in lenders that are willing to lend money based on international credit or international assets. I expect this trend is going to continue, so Chinese buyers will be able to feel even more comfortable in purchasing a home in the US, particularly in Silicon Valley. We take great pride in working with international buyers. At DeLeon Realty, a lot of our current clients’ income is located overseas, and one of our greatest strengths is being able to provide them with the appropriate lenders and the most accurate financial information. Less experienced agents might not know how to handle these situations, but we see them as opportunities, and offer proactive solutions.


Key facts about LPS Shanghai 2018
– December 7-9, 2018 | each day from 10:00 to 18:00
– 18th edition of LPS
– 200+ exhibitors
– 200+ official media and partners
– Official website:
– Organizers: The Luxury Properties Showcase Ltd.