DeLeon Realty Marketing Perspective: It’s All in the Details

Buying a home can be a very emotional experience — even the most subtle details of a home may influence a home’s sale. Though experienced real estate photographers and videographers do a lot to capture the look of the home, these stunning images alone simply cannot communicate all the details that often appeal to potential buyers.

To achieve a top-dollar sale, today’s Realtor® must do more. That is why our marketing team provides a custom website, multiple print and online ads, a professional-quality hosted video, and a sophisticated brochure of at least 12 pages. However, the content of all of that marketing material must be compelling. It must draw attention to details that could be missed, tell a story, and move the buyer.

Our marketing specialists work closely with both home-sellers and our skilled, in-house design specialists in identifying interesting details (both obvious and subtle) in each home that will appeal to the most buyers, thus increasing the prospective buyer pool. Then, our team incorporates these details into our marketing materials, especially our video scripts, online copy, and comprehensive brochures.

Although many sellers may not be sure of the exact design or structural materials that are inside their homes, especially if they did not build the homes themselves, these details can make a difference. However, on the marketing end, it is imperative all stated details are correct, not only to avoid liability, but also to ensure buyers are receiving exactly what they believe they are paying for. Our marketing team avoids accuracy issues by collaborating with our design specialists to verify structural and design elements, making certain each home’s marketing accurately describes these details.

Knowing which details appeal most to buyers is an integral aspect of our marketing. For instance, buyers generally favor new or newer homes, so recent constructions are always emphasized in our marketing materials. For homes that are not brand new, tastefully updated features like windows, lighting, and paint lend a fresh sense of style and should be pointed out. Bringing attention to remodeled spaces or new additions within a home also piques buyer interest. The newness of these details is not always visibly obvious, but by specifying these aspects, we may potentially boost a home’s sales price.

Similarly, specifically identifying key details within a home is a tool that may heavily influence buyers. For example, amenities like quartz countertops are gaining enough popularity to be considered as a selling-point by certain buyers. Maybe sellers can’t determine if their kitchen countertops are quartz, so they (or their agent) opt for a more generic descriptor, like “stone,” to use in their marketing materials. However, the term “stone countertops” loses the potentially attention-grabbing appeal it could have on discerning buyers if it was more specific. Explicitly naming the type of countertops (i.e., mentioning the fact they are “Caesarstone quartz countertops”) may make a significant impact on a buyer’s interest in seeing the home.

High-end conveniences are details that may not be obvious, but should certainly be pointed out. In photo marketing, integrated kitchen appliances are often overlooked because they are designed to blend right in with a kitchen’s cabinetry. However, if these appliances were designed by elite brands like Miele, Bosch, or Fisher & Paykel, it is important to specifically list them in the home’s marketing materials, as details like these both intrigue buyers and help the home stand apart from other homes on the market. Other luxurious details like built-in media systems and heated floors are also not visually evident, but are sought after and may substantially increase buyer attention, if aptly showcased.

To produce the best possible results for our clients, DeLeon Realty’s marketing specialists select and describe the most attractive details of each of our homes. Keeping up-to-date with design trends and staying aware of buyer preferences are essential to making these well-informed decisions that result in our listings selling for much more on average than any other top brokerage in Silicon Valley.