Best Paint Colors to Use When Selling Your Home

Some colors will help you, others will hurt. Be sure to choose the right ones for your home

First impression is everything when selling a home. A lot of effort and work goes into preparing a home for the market. Painting a house is the cheapest and quickest way to increase the appeal of the home because people are sensitive to color on an emotional level. Using certain interior and exterior paint colors can either spark interest or send buyers out the door.

Here are a few tips in selecting paint colors.

Exterior Paint Colors 

A fresh coat of paint can give the entire house an exterior face lift. This process is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to increase curb appeal, thereby enticing potential buyers. While picking a color, keep in mind the character of the neighborhood. The best way to approach selecting exterior colors is to blend well with your surroundings. Consider the landscaping, shrubs and trees when selecting from a color palette. Using different tones of tan, light gray or beige can make your house look larger and more modern. Shades of white are often used on the trim. You can effectively use accent colors by painting the front door to captivate those who pass by. For example, a gray-blue door enhances while still complimenting a light gray home with a white trim.

Interior Paint Colors 

Color is the most important part of any interior design scheme. The key to interior colors is to combine warm colors with neutral colors. Warm colors are inviting and give a home a little more character than plain white walls. Warm and neutral colors generally create a welcoming atmosphere and provide an illusion of spaciousness. Bold colors tend to make the space look smaller and can turn away certain buyers. Keeping the ceiling and trim white will brighten up a room, giving the house a crisp, fresh look.

Make sure to thoughtfully pick the right interior and exterior paint colors for a home, as it is one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to enhance a home’s value.