A Bright Idea in the Sky

Lighting in a house is important when buying a home. In the current competitive seller’s market, buyers can’t always find the ideal home with the lighting they dream of. Luckily, with today’s technology, homeowners are able to bring in more light via different types of renovations. Adding skylights is the most common and easy way to shower your rooms with natural light. New types of glazing and accessories, such as built-in sunshades, minimize heat problems. Factory-supplied flashing also dramatically reduces the risk of leaks. Venting skylights allow air to flow in and out and can also serve as an emergency exit. Forget to close a skylight? Some skylights close automatically at the first drop of rain.

As for the orientations, east-facing skylights bring in the morning glory, west-facing ones invite afternoon warmth, those that face north distribute even light while south-facing skylights generate the most heat. Therefore, a built-in shade is recommended for south facing orientations. In some places where you cannot install a conventional skylight, a tubular skylight is a great alternative. Electrical bulbs and LED lights can also be installed in the tube to serve as a light fixture at night. Next time, when you are out hunting for a house, no need to be intimidated by a dark room. Think bright! Let the sky bring in fresh air, abundant light, and most of all, joy to your home.