Top 15 Reasons to Buy a Home with DeLeon Realty

1. We have the greatest expertise. Our buyer specialists work as a team to provide you with the best advice. Unlike most experienced agents who divide their attention between buyers and timeconsuming listings, our buyer specialists focus only on working with buyers. This gives them time to specialize in their territories so they can learn everything you will want to know.

2. We are highly educated. Reflecting the intelligence of our buyers, our team is composed of bright and driven individuals who have the background to answer all of your questions. Combined, our buyer specialists have 15 graduate degrees from fine schools like Stanford, Berkeley Law, Columbia Law, NYU Law, Rutgers Law, and UCLA.

3. We provide our clients with exceptional advice. Over the last 10 years, Ken and the DeLeon buyer team have directed their clients to returns of over 15 percent per annum when they purchased and then sold a house with DeLeon. This compares to three percent per annum for Santa Clara County over the same 10-year period (both statistics taken from the MLS). Ken utilizes his mathematics and economics training to accurately project neighborhoods with the greatest appreciation potential.

4. Our construction consultant provides invaluable service and advice. As part of our complimentary one-stop service, our construction consultant will evaluate homes in need of updates and provide an opinion on the quality of a home. If you purchase a home, he will recommend the best team and negotiate remodeling bids on your behalf, with all savings passed on to the client.

5. Our contractor repairs your home for free. All buyers who buy a home with us receive seven hours of free contractor time for minor repairs or improvements, such as items noted in a home inspection report. Our contractor can also direct you to the best service providers whenever we need specialized trades for your home projects.

6. Our interior designer helps you customize your home. Whether buying furniture or choosing the perfect paint colors, our interior designer is there to assist you in tailoring your home, all on a complimentary basis.

7. Our in-house attorney protects you from legal disputes. If an issue comes up during your purchase, you will receive 25 hours of free legal service from our in-house attorney, who has two Stanford degrees and is a Columbia Law School graduate. No other brokerage provides this level of legal protection for their clients.

8. We have the most experience. With over $2 billion in sales experience, we have learned the lessons to successfully and strategically help you navigate the homebuying process. Ken is the hands-on leader of the buyer team. No other buyer agents have such experience and resulting expertise.

9. We are a local company that gives back to our communities. Most brokerages are national or regional corporations. DeLeon Realty is an innovative Silicon Valley company that has given approximately $200,000 over the last two years to local schools and charities. We will continue to support the neighborhoods we serve as we continue to succeed.

10. We have the best network around. Consistently ranked the top team in Northern California and currently the #1 team in America, the DeLeon team has more sales volume than any other team or agent. Our relationships with other top real estate agents in Silicon Valley, coupled with our superior market knowledge, mean that we can direct you to the best homes both on and off the market.

11. We have a reputation for thoroughness. Most local real estate agents know and admire Ken and his team. They know that our clients are prepared on all issues related to a sale before submitting offers. This provides both protection for the buyer and certainty for the seller, a true win-win. Other agents are thus comfortable endorsing our offers, as they know we are more likely to close.

12. We will assist you with orchestrating your move. Our moving concierge will save you time, money, and stress by helping you navigate your move and directing you to movers we have thoroughly vetted and pre-negotiated savings with on your behalf.

13. We help our buyers with their estate planning at no extra cost. Our in-house attorney will draft a “pour-over” will and revocable living trust upon request of any of our buyers purchasing homes for over $3 million at no cost to the client. This invaluable service will help you eliminate probate costs in the future and provide certainty and security for your family.

14. We protect our buyers’ privacy and limit their liability. Our in-house attorney will create a limited liability company that shields your name to ensure privacy when purchasing your home plus protecting your wealth by limiting your liability. This complimentary service is available to all of our buyers purchasing a home for $3 million or more.

15. We are not on commission, so we will not pressure you. Our innovative and improved model aligns incentives with our clients. Like attorneys, all of our buyer specialists are on salary. We have a team approach that creates greater collaboration and better client results. Most importantly, you never have to be concerned that we are pushing you into an unwise investment.

It does not cost more to work with the best! Call our team at 650-543-8539 or email to learn more about how DeLeon Realty can best assist your homepurchasing goals.