Utilizing Technology in Marketing

Long ago, the world seemed endless. Voyages across rolling expanses of land and sea were yearly, if not lifetime commitments reserved for the very brave, the very intelligent, and the supremely wealthy. All that was known about distant nations was provided by those who had crossed over the horizon and returned to tell their tales.

Travel, communication, and an ever-growing amount of knowledge forever altered just how boundless the world felt; however, it wasn’t until the advent of the internet that mankind truly reached the next level of connectivity. Information became easier to access, people became easier to reach, and the horizon became closer than ever before.

As society transitioned to the challenges and benefits the internet presented, the field of real estate followed suit, allowing potential buyers to find information on prospective homes and neighborhoods at the touch of a button. But while the process of real estate has been simplified, DeLeon Realty’s marketing team has it refined.

Technology is a powerful tool, but the detached role the internet plays clashes with the fact that real estate is, first and foremost, a client-oriented field. Though vast amounts of information on new listings and the areas in which they reside can be read on almost any device, the variables that come with buying and selling a home still make it necessary to have an experienced agent who knows how to navigate the specifics. Therefore, the DeLeon Team understands that there must be a balance between properly utilizing the best technological resources available and establishing a personal presence throughout multimedia platforms.

One of the many ways the DeLeon Realty marketing team helps to achieve this balance is by taking advantage of communicating through social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all used to reach a listening audience with information regarding recent listings, company events, and community gatherings.

Another way to maintain balance is equipping technology to showcase our listings. Before they are posted on the DeLeon website and across social media, the homes go through a process which involves high-end photography, drone footage, narrated videos, and 3D renderings of the interior. High-quality images and detailed writing truly capture the best of what the home has to offer, granting potential buyers the ability to see themselves in the space. These steps are taken to feature the selling-points of a listing while personalizing the experience for the buyers, giving them another way to determine whether or not they would call the house their own. This is especially crucial when considering remote buyers. Though the days are long since gone when moving across the country, or even across oceans, meant not knowing what might lie beyond the horizon, the unknown is still much more prevalent for a potential buyer who might not have multiple opportunities to see a house in person. Providing the best resources available to clients who are considering buying remotely will ultimately help them determine where their journey leads.

As technology progresses, so do the options for marketing new listings. Augmented and virtual reality programs are becoming more accessible and user-friendly, and soon may be another way DeLeon Realty markets homes.

Like the internet, the world of marketing real estate is becoming increasingly unlimited. It’s more important now than ever before to ensure that clients come first. We have accomplished this by realizing that the technology used to progress the industry thus far is the most powerful tool at our disposal.