Marketing Perspective: Identifying Selling-Points


Most real estate agents understand the significance of marketing the strengths of a home to attract the right buyer. However, many agents simply do not have the ability or the resources to showcase every listing to its maximum potential.

Our in-house marketing team strives to ensure our materials are as informative as they are impressive. We will research your home, determine its strongest qualities, then market these strengths to prospective buyers. By following four key rules, we are able to continually produce a full range of advertising collateral showcasing the most desirable selling-points of your home.

1. Know each home 

Though this may seem like an obvious point, we cannot over-emphasize the marketing power earned by simply obtaining a thorough understanding of your home. Our team members will tour your home with you so you can point out subtle features, and we will take in-depth notes and photos to make sure we catch all valuable details (see “DeLeon Realty Marketing Perspective: It’s All in the Details,” The DeLeon Insight, September 2015). By understanding the intricacies of your home, we can pool this information to help us extract the most relevant selling-points.

2. Stay informed on trends 

One of the best ways for our team to accurately identify key selling-points is to stay abreast of current consumer trends. We keep track of buyer requests and note trending features in the homes we sell. For instance, homebuyers currently demonstrate a strong preference for sustainable, or “green” living, which has steadily gained popularity over the last few years. So, if your home offers features like a tank-less water heater, LED lighting, or a zoned HVAC system, we know to capitalize on your home’s sustainability to appeal to modern buyers.

3. Sell the lifestyle 

Many of today’s buyers aren’t simply interested in buying a new home. They are shopping for a lifestyle. Therefore, it is important that our marketing reflects the lifestyle possibilities unique to our properties. We work with professional photographers and a video production company to produce materials that successfully capture the essence of each listing, as well as its neighborhood and city.

If your home is particularly well-equipped for entertaining, then our materials emphasize those features. If it enjoys a rustic setting surrounded by trees, then we advertise its peace and privacy. Underscoring these lifestyle elements will magnify your home’s appeal and help buyers envision themselves living there.

4. Exercise community awareness 

By keeping a finger on the pulse of the communities in which we work, we are able to distinguish landmarks that form the most current selling-points. After all, we are local experts who only represent homes in our territory.

If we discover a popular restaurant or shopping center lies close by, or if we find a convenient shortcut to major employers, we can specify these selling-points. In-depth information like this paints a lively, descriptive picture for potential buyers, allowing them to more accurately imagine themselves living in your home.

By following these steps, our marketing specialists develop the tools necessary to produce world-class campaigns that communicate the key features of each home while covering a variety of media, including custom websites, local and international ads, video tours, and comprehensive, multi-page brochures. In such a prominent real estate market as Silicon Valley, it is imperative your home is marketed by professionals who understand your home and are capable of both identifying and showcasing its selling-points.