One Less Thing to Worry About With Our One-Year Maintenance Plan

When buying or selling a home, it has always been important to select the right Realtor®. However, the home itself usually remains the same, irrespective of which agent represented the property. That has all changed with the introduction of the DeLeon Realty/HomeSmiles maintenance program, which will be offered on all DeLeon listings. Naturally, we haven’t forgotten DeLeon buyers, either. When the DeLeon Team represents a buyer of any property in 2017, we will provide the same one-year maintenance plan.

Our DeLeon Realty/Homesmiles home care program includes these items and many more:

  • Gutter and downspout cleaning
  • Tree branch removal
  • Exterior window/sill cleaning
  • Dryer exhaust vent cleaning
  • HVAC filter replacement
  • Refrigerator coil cleaning
  • Driveway pressure-washing
  • Garage door lubrication
  • Smoke detector inspection/test/lithium battery change and carbon monoxide inspection/test/ lithium battery change

At DeLeon Realty, we play offense, not defense. We believe a proactive annual home maintenance plan is key to preventing small problems from becoming big issues. All major components of your home, including roofs, gutters, water heaters, furnaces, and appliances, are expensive and costly to repair or replace. The cost of doing no maintenance is simply too high. Deferred home maintenance is cumulative, and its effects can be wide-ranging.


Disclaimer: This is a limited-time offer. This promotion only applies to homes originally listed by the DeLeon Team between the dates of January 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017. The home must be in contract by July 31, 2017. This service will be issued in the buyers’ names and is non-transferable.