Color Trends 2017

By Lauryn Varnum | Interior Designer

Every year, new trends emerge for color schemes in home design. The majority of previously popular schemes have included muted palettes with soothing, understated colors, such as cool greys, mossy hues, slate, and neutral shades throughout the entirety of a home. It was common to see an entire home painted with colors such as San Francisco Fog, Frost, and Great White. These shades allowed for a calm, uniform scheme oriented towards transitional styles, creating a soft, blank slate capable of appealing to a wide audience.

Rather than giving specific rooms a personalized feel, the desire was to create a color scheme which allowed décor to fit as easily within a living area as within an office space or a more formal room. In order to maintain this ability to change easily between themes, accent walls fell out of style. All walls were painted the same shade with the ceilings colored the same as the trim and doors, rather than using a 50-percent gradation of the wall color, which was previously favored.

The final details for previous schemes were the colors of finishes and fixtures. All cabinet and drawer pulls were brushed nickel, and all lighting fixtures were also brushed nickel pieces featuring cool, clean lines. It was common to see pendant lights that displayed frosted glass or neutral-colored shades.

This overwhelmingly understated palette was popular for creating generic spaces. However, it led owners to desire a freshened look, which has resulted in new trends of warmer, more personalized color schemes.

2017 has brought a completely different approach to color schemes in the home. In order to stray from the previously favored, ubiquitous trends, details like accent walls, pops of color, and mixed finishes are coming into their own. The easiest update is with the return of the accent wall. A deep chocolate wall behind a fireplace brings a sense of life to a room painted entirely warm taupe. A clean white color scheme becomes sophisticated when a silvery grey color becomes a backdrop for a gallery wall. For those just beginning to dip their toes into the idea of mixing color palettes within the same design scheme, try selecting a wall and utilizing a 50-percent gradation of the selected color.

Areas such as bathrooms and kitchens can be updated with varying expressions of the same color. Using a warm cream as a base, color schemes can range from the crisp ivory of a subway-style backsplash, the sandy brown of a vein within a marble countertop, and the milky white of Swiss Coffee cabinets. The combined effect from variations of the same overreaching color can create a sophisticated palette without being stark.

Updating the colors of finish choices can bring a drastic update to an existing design. Swapping out brushed nickel drawer pulls and faucets for chrome accents can modernize the look of a room. With brushed bronze beginning to resurface in design, luxurious elements can be added to a casual, creamy beige scheme or a hard, grey color plan. A simple living room can transform into an elegant drawing room with the introduction of black sconces or gold-and-glass pendant lighting.

The new year has brought a fresh perspective on the décor of interiors. Owners shouldn’t be afraid to mix up their color schemes and breathe life into the previous trend of monochromatic palettes. A home’s interior can be dramatically livened up by some simple changes—even something as easy as a newly painted wall.

Starting off the year with a different look can amend the entire personality of a home. While a fresh coat of paint comes at a low price-point, it can have an enormous impact on both the perceived value of a home and the first impression people will receive when they enter. Don’t be nervous; be bold about a whole new look for your spaces.