How to Furnish a Great Room

A Great Room is a hot, new trend in combining the functions of the family room, the living room, and even the kitchen, into one large space. While this configuration can be open and flexible for entertaining and daily life, it can be a challenge to furnish. If you are furnishing a great room in your house, keep in mind these simple tips:

Furniture Defines Functionality 

Furniture frames the activity in an area. For example, decide where you want your television to be, and then frame it out by arranging the long side of the sectional to face the television. Add a rug underneath the sectional to box-in all sides and complete the look.

Light Fixtures Reinforce Spaces 

Place a pendant light where the dining area is going to be, which will give definition to the space. Add floor lamps to areas that require more lighting; for example, the family seating areas or reading nooks.

Virtual Flow 

After you decide where all the furniture pieces are going to be, make sure you tape the spaces or place cardboard boxes in those spaces to simulate furniture for a test run of whether or not the flow created suits your daily lifestyle and entertainment needs.

Be creative and follow your instincts, and most of all, enjoy!