Top Design Trends for 2016

Ready to go out with the old and in with the new (trends)? A few fads with more modern twists will continue to stay trendy throughout 2016, but it is time to ditch mason jars and chalkboard paint and switch back to clean lines and fun patterns. It is the year of statement pieces and bold choices. Mixing materials and surprising details are back in style, and implementing textures will bring your interior up to date. Additionally, paint magnate Pantone nominated this year’s colors as “Serenity” (pastel blue) and “Rose Quartz” (pastel pink), suggesting more soothing tones are coming into vogue.

Here are the top 10 home design predictions for 2016:

1. Patterned Tiles

Geometric patterns and honeycomb shapes will make a bold new appearance in everything from tiles to wallpaper to artwork. Expect to see these shapes on kitchen backsplashes, bathroom shower tiles, accent walls, and even fireplace mantels.

2. Formal Dining Rooms

Get ready to pour more attention into your dining room. Time to move out the office and media room equipment and prepare your formal entertainment space. Gathering for special meals isn’t negotiable anymore, so it’s time to start planning some parties!

3. Statement Pendants

Chandeliers have always been our go-to for that one special light fixture, but 2016 is the year of the statement pendant. Experts also predict gold lighting fixtures will increase in popularity.

4. Mixed Metals

Boasting instant glam power, modern metallics add a sleek touch to any room, whether in steel, chrome, rose gold, or copper. Don’t be afraid to mix and match for added visual interest.

5. Black Stainless-Steel Appliances

Are you over the shiny steel appliances in your kitchen? The dark metal alternative is making a buzz this year; consider LG’s new Black Stainless collection.

6. Sustainable Design

We can expect a big push towards ecofriendly interiors. An easy way to achieve this goal is by incorporating natural materials, like stone and wood. Find elements that not only look great, but are also well-made and minimize the impact on our ecosystem. Whenever possible, look for artisan products, which are often locally made.

7. Old World Ornamentation

Expect bursts of nostalgia, like brocades, tapestries, and Georgian or Empire antiques. Fringe, cording, and tassels will soften the austerity of modern upholstery. Look for dramatic drapes, too.

8. Bold Blues

Given Pantone’s preference of pastel colors for this year, the trend of bold blues seems to be on the opposite side of the spectrum. However, design experts are predicting cobalt, navy, and royal blues will be the go-to hues. Whatever hue you choose, blue can give a truly intimate and relaxing atmosphere to any space. Consider giving your walls a new coat of blue paint, or bring some blue to your kitchen cabinets. Adding a pop of this color is a great way to stay current without making a major commitment.

9. Nubby Wool Rugs

Nubby wool or other natural fibers will be the dominant texture, especially for area rugs. Bringing softness to dramatic statement pieces, the natural hues of these elements create the ultimate indoor/outdoor vibe. Alternatively, try a geometric version that can work with both contemporary and traditional interiors.

10. Outdoor Prints

Plant-inspired décor is making a comeback. As with any print, remember that a little goes a long way. Use one print on one or two furniture pieces that will be focal points of the space. To ensure your take is not too over-the-top, consider using prints that are outside of their natural color scheme.

At DeLeon Realty, our design team knows it is imperative to stay on top of new trends so we can best advise our clients on up-to-the-minute styles. By keeping your home current, you will have fresh, stylish spaces that will be much more likely to attract buyers when the time comes to sell.