Exclusive Arrangement with Da Lusso Designs

By Michael Repka

The July issue of the DeLeon Insight newsletter includes an article discussing the challenges that limitations on staging inventories can pose for real estate agents during the busy time of the year. This article will address some further enhancements to our design services.

Given the market-leading size of the DeLeon Team, we are fortunate that the area’s top stagers are willing to reserve inventory specifically for our upcoming listings. Nevertheless, towards the end of the busy Spring and Fall seasons, even we have encountered challenges. It is for that reason that we took the unprecedented step of ordering a warehouse worth of brand-new furniture, original artwork, silk and wool rugs, and designer accessories for our clients’ exclusive use. We also ordered a large number of outdoor living room and dining room sets, as well as home theater chairs, to address a shortage in those areas by most stagers.

While this significant step certainly helped alleviate the problem, I am thrilled to announce an even more dramatic move. We are now proud to announce that DeLeon Realty and Silicon Valley’s best staging company, Da Lusso Designs, have entered into an exclusive arrangement in which Da Lusso Designs will now stage exclusively for DeLeon Realty. This gives the DeLeon Team unfettered access to all of Da Lusso Design’s inventory.

For years, Da Lusso Designs has been one of the areas preeminent stagers. Although certainly more expensive than many other choices on the market, the DeLeon Team, as well as some other top real estate agents, have utilized Da Lusso because of their fashion-forward inventory and style.

It is important to note that the DeLeon Team will continue to work with other independent stagers as well. One of the benefits of having experienced interior designers on staff is that they can choose which stager’s inventory and style best suits any particular home. For that reason, the DeLeon Team will not limit its staging options to Da Lusso, but we will gain a tremendous benefit from having exclusive use of Da Lusso’s services. Da Lusso, on the other hand, will no longer work with any other real estate agents or teams.

Since we opened a mere seven years ago, the DeLeon Team has constantly looked for ways to improve the service we provide. We are all very excited that this exclusive partnership will prove very beneficial for our clients.