Renovation & Re-Sale


There is a fine line between creating a trendy home renovation and a lasting home upgrade. Using trendy materials and designs in your next upgrade can be appealing ways to bring your home into the current century. However, it can also be the downfall in creating an upgrade with a lasting appreciation, for trending style often lacks the longevity needed to make an impact on the home’s re-sale value beyond five years. Trending design styles and materials may be hard to resist incorporating into your remodel, but by avoiding these short-lived style choices, you will be able to create an updated look with a far longer lifespan. Keeping in mind when you plan to sell will aid you in making the right style and design choices for your home.

Whether you recently bought a home for an investment or a decade-long stay, understanding your home’s projected appreciation can aid you in making well-informed decisions on home upgrades. As an investment, having the foresight of which remodeling efforts will create value multipliers and re-sale assets can make the difference in facilitating a stronger return for your home. Besides functionality, individual taste and usability are the leading catalysts behind most home renovations. Although personalized renovations are highly desired, they can often hinder the effectiveness of the upgrade on the re-sale value. By utilizing the DeLeon buyer team and interior design staff, we will be able to guide you into making successful upgrades for the future of your homeownership.

The easiest way to update your home is through material upgrades. Whether new countertops or flooring, material choices can often be the most confusing and overwhelming part of a renovation. Before starting your renovation, it’s easy to become bogged down learning about the thousands of material and layout style choices. Expensive material mistakes can be a hard lesson to learn. Guidance through material selection is one of the many ways our design team can help you avoid a common remodeling mistake. Through our combined experience working with both buyers and sellers, our design team understands the durability of products as well as the future of trends. By selecting the right material for both your home’s functionality and re-sale value, our team will be able to help ensure your selection receives the highest investment in your next home renovation.

Besides material upgrades, new homes can often require layout or functionality improvements. Understanding how best to improve awkward layouts or utility of a space is not always easy. By no means should you be planning your next renovation around one specific buyer’s taste; however, it is possible to make selective design choices with the future use of the space and home resale in mind. It is important to not only improve a home’s functionality, but also to keep in mind possible impacts on the re-sale value. Our design team can work with you to come up with the best solution to manipulating house deficiencies in an economical way.

Having a better idea of your home’s appreciated sales price will allow you to make smarter budget decisions on each upgrade. Understanding the ratio from investment value to appreciative value may be the deciding factor in the budget you give for your next home renovation. Lavish upgrades and premium material choices are not always reflected in the sale price equivalently. Having our team guide you through a realistic appreciated value of your next home renovation can help ensure the budget for your upgrade can realistically be amplified when reselling.

Having an understanding of your home’s appreciation over the next several years will ensure that you are able to focus your renovation budget on multipliers rather than money pits. Our team will be able to give you informed insight so you can better understand which improvements will offer the largest financial returns.