Rebates and Freebies for Your Water Conservation Efforts


In the preparation and maintenance of your home for the coming year, you may want to consider taking some water conservation steps such as retrofitting your sprinkler system with high-efficiency nozzles, hooking up your clothes washer to a graywater system, replacing your washer or toilet with a high efficiency model, installing a rain barrel, or putting in a faucet aerator. The good news is that your local water agency may offer an applicable rebate and/ or free water-saving devices. For example, residents of Santa Clara County can get up to $2 per square foot for the conversion of turf to water-efficient landscaping, residents of San Mateo County can get $100 for each qualifying rain barrel purchased and installed, and Palo Alto residents can request free low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, and other water saving devices.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District offers the following four (4) rebates to residents: Graywater to Landscape, High-efficiency Clothes Washer, High-Efficiency Toilet, and Landscape. Under the Graywater to Landscape program, a resident can receive $200 for connecting a washer to a graywater irrigation system that meets the program’s requirements. More commonly, residents can purchase and install a high efficiency clothes washer and/or a high-efficiency toilet, and receive up to $200 for the former and up to $125 for the latter. For conversions of a swimming pool or irrigated turf to water efficient landscaping, participants can receive up to $2 per square foot under the Landscape Rebate program. The programs have specific limitations and guidelines, and only certain zip codes are included, so please contact your local water agency for more information.

For San Mateo residents, the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency offers four (4) similar programs. Its Rain Barrel Rebate provides up to $100 for qualifying rain barrels. Receive up to $100 For certain high-efficiency toilets and clothes washers, residents can receive up to $100 for the former and up to $200 for the latter. For conversions of high-consuming, water-fed landscapes to water-conscious landscapes, the Lawn Be Gone! Rebate offers participants $1 per square foot.

In addition to rebates and free devices, there may be free local workshops on water efficiency measures and strategies. Please contact your local city or water agency for more information.