Exclusive Photography

By Anthony Halawa

DeLeon Realty breaks the business mold, yet again, by employing staff photographers.

Lead photographer Anthony Halawa brings a unique blend of talent and experience to his role. A strong visual aesthetic, Fine Arts Degree, and experience in motion pictures all inform and fuel Anthony’s passion for visual storytelling. He has the ability to transform a great shot into an unforgettable image using his artistic eye and command of the technical aspects each job requires.

Anthony often goes the extra mile to get superior shots! He’s been spotted up on a ladder in a truck bed with an extra tall tripod to get the vantage point he wanted for a featured shot. He genuinely cares about the final product and integrity of the work.

Also exclusive to DeLeon is talented Photographer and Editor, Zachary Kinion. Zachary’s Fine Arts degree with a focus in architectural photography is evident in his meticulous, detail-oriented, and quality images.

DeLeon clients can count on a proven high-caliber photographer to provide state of the art imagery of their home. These photographers are only available to DeLeon clients.

Our photographers are a valued part of the DeLeon Team and contribute to the consistent overall look and quality of our marketing.

Above: photos of 25055 La Loma Dr., Los Altos Hills taken by Anthony Halawa