What Exactly Is DeLeon? A Man? A Team? A Brokerage?

There is a bit of a controversy in the real estate community. Many wonder whether it is fair to compare the DeLeon Team to the individual agents or small teams of two or three agents and a couple of assistants. Simply put, the DeLeon Team is unique unto itself!

The first time we mailed out our Strategic Selling brochure, which outlines our business model and details all of the marketing and other services we offer to our clients, I received a call from the office manager of a local real estate office that follows the old-fashioned 100 percent commission-based independent contractor business model. He was irate that we would publish so much information about our approach and the services we provide. Further, he felt it was unfair to compare our team of specialized agents, attorneys, licensed contractors, handymen, interior designers, graphic designers, international marketing personnel, and online marketing people to his individual agents. He was right!

When the Wall Street Journal published the Realtor® rankings that named us number one in the nation, the same questions reemerged. Although our collaborative model in which we all work together in our own areas of specialization perfectly fits REAL Trends, Inc.’s definition of a “team,” many local agents wonder whether it is possible for one agent or a small team to do the same quality or quantity of work as the DeLeon Team? It isn’t possible.

Ken DeLeon and I crafted our industryleading business model based on a belief that no one person can be good at everything. Instead, we have hired the best people in the industry to do only that which they are passionate about. No one is on commission, and the company pays all of the marketing costs. Further, we believe in aligned incentives and economies of scale.

Ken DeLeon is a fantastic individual agent. In fact, he transformed himself from a brand new agent, to the number one individual agent in the entire country in less than 10 years. Nevertheless, he realized that no individual agent, not even he, could compete with a well-staffed, well-funded team that is comprised of top professionals doing only what they love.

So what is the answer? Is DeLeon a man, a team, or a brokerage? The answer is, “All three.” The better question is, “Why does it matter?” We have developed an innovative approach to real estate that is agile and flexible, yet powerful and customized for each of our clients. Our key focuses are to enhance our clients’ experience with expanded services and to elevating the real estate industry through aligned incentives and empowering the public with knowledge. Our phenomenal growth over the four years since we opened and our glowing client reviews, not to mention the sales prices of our listings, show that our approach works.

Clients deserve more from real estate agents, and we are committed to continuing to raise the bar for the entire industry. Talk to us if you are interested in buying or selling in Silicon Valley to see whether our unique approach is right for you.